drakonis i suppose you could say that, but i see it as being free from the shackles of a specific style 02:59
it has its perks 03:00
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stevied If I want to check an object to see whether is a Str or Match, is this method the way to do it: method type_check($definite_type, $checkee) 19:07
not sure what a "definite" type is 19:08
lizmat m: say "foo" ~~ Str
camelia True
lizmat m: "foo" ~~ / foo /; say $/ ~~ Str
camelia False
lizmat m: "foo" ~~ / foo /; say $/ ~~ Match 19:09
camelia True
stevied thanks. I read somewhere that could sometimes be wrong and wasn't a good way
wasn't reliable, I guess. my memory is fuzzy though
ok, found something in the docs: docs.raku.org/language/typesystem#Type_objects 19:11
OK, the D is for definite. 19:15
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can someone tell me what I might be doing wrong here? : `my $match = HC.parse( $content, actions => "$::($class)::action" );` 20:56
i'm trying to use the action stored in a variable inside of a class: `our $action = HCActionsStripTaskwiki.new;` 20:57
lizmat my $acrtions = HCActionStripRTaskwiki.new; my $match = HC.parse($content, :$actions) 20:58
stevied actually, probably because it's in a class, now that I htink about it. I dont' have any reason to use that as a class anymore.
didn't seem to help or I don't know what you are trying to show me (more likely) 21:05
when I print out "$::($class)::action" I get `Vimwiki::File::TextProcessingClasses::strip-taskwiki::HCActionsStripTaskwiki<140207354714080>` 21:07
not sure what that number bit is there at the end
looks like I got something working thanks to my patented flail around and try random things method of coding 21:13
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