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Nemokosch m: my %dict = :1one :2two :3three; dd %dict; 10:44
^ what happens in this case?
Nahita my wild guess is 11:07
it doesn't have anything to do with the LHS %dict assignment 11:08
m: say :1one :2two :3three
This RHS constructs a pair out of 1 => one 11:09
and other things ` :2two :3three` are named arguments to the Pair constructor
which are ineffective
you can pass named arguments without comma-separating them
i.e., `Pair.new("one", 1):2two:3three` is first constructed 11:10
This RHS constructs a pair out of one => 1 11:11
gfldex m: my %dict = (:1one :2two :3three; dd %dict; 11:24
m: my %dict = (:1one:2two:3three); dd %dict;
lizmat m: my %dict = (:1one:2two:3three); dd %dict;
camelia Hash %dict = {:one(1), :three(3), :two(2)}
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/04/11/2022-15-wordling/ 12:30
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Nahita so what's the why of it? 15:11
Nemokosch I think you were mostly right 15:13
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Nahita did you find a documentation explaining this 15:19
Nemokosch not really 😅 15:21
Nahita so this was a personal conclusion I understand? 15:26
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guifa AIUI, the problem is that trailing :foo(bar) will be interpreted first as an adverb, secondly as a pair if it's not possible to be an adverb 17:00
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Nahita thank you @guifa 20:43
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