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Guest41 Is there a way to run Prove6 in "watch mode" easily? Like an interactive test runner. I might have to build something that watches for file changes, or something to run on save. 04:07
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lizmat Guest41: docs.raku.org/routine/watch 07:56
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piotrklibert Guest41: it's very easy to do thanks to a few features of Raku. It was one of the first things I wrote with it: github.com/piotrklibert/relearn/bl...ku#L45-L51 11:49
Oh, by the way, on topic of files. Why the heck `IO::Path.absolute` returns a string? 11:52
lizmat because that's considered more low level, and is usually used by routines that are closer to the metal 11:54
also: an absolute path doesn't need any knowledge about current working directory or OS dependent details such as / vs \ 11:55
piotrklibert Hmm, ok, that brings me to lots of questions about Raku's object model, but I'll leave that for later 🙂 12:12
On another note, do we have an Emacs user here? 12:13
lizmat not /me
piotrklibert I'd be happy to know if they succeeded in setting up "go to definition" for Raku. 12:14
lizmat fully Stockholm syndromed to vi :-)
piotrklibert (might be hard to be 100% correct, but getting at least the more obvious cases would be nice) 12:15
Ah. My respect. I remember going through Vim withdrawal after switching to Emacs.
(I had to. Support for Lisps, and particularly Common Lisp, in Vim was simply nowhere near that of Emacs, so when I started learning CL seriously ~2012 I had to make a switch, after 5 years with Vim. Adopting Emacs was hard, but leaving Vim - much more so :)) 12:21
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Nemokosch I can even imagine that Emacs is better overall but things went in a way that only diehard CS nerds (old mathematicians in particular) use Emacs 😛 13:42
the counter culture
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piotrklibert Well, there are some advantages to using Emacs, but they tend to matter mostly to die-hard nerds. Who else would need support for syntax highlighting, indentation, and auto-completion for languages that don't even make the top 50 on TIOBE? 14:27
CIAvash I think the best thing we have so far for Emacs' "go to definition" is using ctags. `ctags --language-force=perl6 -e **/*.rakumod`, something like that, but that only finds functions and methods. Another option is improving ctags or adding support for Raku to the `dumb-jump` package. Or wait for a language server for Raku. 16:04
piotrklibert > adding support for Raku to the dumb-jump package 16:17
Might be worth an effort, I use the package anyway.
> Or wait for a language server for Raku.
I think I've seen some blog post referencing LSP implementation for Raku, it would be really helpful if completed. Is it being developed as part of Rakudo, or something separate?
Morfent such a project would involve rakuast sooner or later i'd imagine 16:39
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Nemokosch only asking this because it's Raku of all languages... 23:43
is there something like a multidimensional search?