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CIAvash I don't see your question, only "so basically like" and your code 04:42
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Nemokosch wakey wakey 07:44
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well the bridge does work so I see no reason why you couldn't see it 07:45
I only tend to join from the IRC side when I want to execute some code, besides that, it only has obvious drawbacks compared to discord 07:46
I mean, when I join from this kiwi client, I see no previous messages, literally 07:47
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CIAvash Well I prefer Matrix+Element and there is no problem with executing code with IRC bridge 09:18
irclogs.raku.org/raku-beginner/2022...20:03-0001 09:21
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Nemokosch On Discord, there is, just like apparently there is with the messages as well 10:01
it's just I use discord and I see no advantage of using the IRC other than reaching out to you guys
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this is coupled with a good set of disadvantages 10:03
Nemokosch Uploaded file: uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/84b08a0a...C3%A9p.png
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CIAvash I don't use IRC directly either, I'm talking from Matrix 10:05
Nemokosch Apparently there is a discord bridge for Matrix 😛 10:13
CIAvash m: while @values.skip($++) -> ($current, *@rest) { dd $current, @rest } 10:42
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '@values' is not declared. Did you mean '&values'?
at <tmp>:1
------> while ⏏@values.skip($++) -> ($current, *@rest)
CIAvash m: my @values = <av r ew t i h>; while @values.skip($++) -> ($current, *@rest) { dd $current, @rest } 10:43
camelia "av"
["r", "ew", "t", "i", "h"]
["ew", "t", "i", "h"]
["t", "i", "h"]
["i", "h"]
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Nemokosch I'm still frightened by this $++ haha 11:42
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