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Nemokosch it took some time until this has become relevant again 10:24
and I have to say no, it doesn't help
The trick in your example is that you do know that you want to match 'Raku' so it's a bit like "what has four legs, is a table and not a chair" 10:25
in the current case, I'd like to match _anything_ that contains 'executable' but is not preceded by the word 'text' 10:27
in fact a simple <!after 'text'> should do in this case but it doesn't help for some reason 10:29
okay I think I found my mistake 10:31
anyway, it doesn't change the fact that the given example didn't really demonstrate how to match "neither this nor that" 😅
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gfldex <@297037173541175296> I believe you have conclusively proven that I am not Moritz. :-> 19:34
Nemokosch 😅 19:35
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Δd Meliora Raku is great lang 21:32
I love it 21:33
Although I'm absolutely new
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