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Chlorokin Super newb question, but I installed zef and am getting command not found. Do I need to add something to my bashrc file? 16:36
nikhil I am unable to install rakudoc.... Can anyone please suggest what to do next? usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/.../image.png 16:49
Anton Antonov On what operating system? Did you use rakubrew or used Rakudo tar file? 16:54
Chlorokin I'm on a mac. I used rakubrew. 16:59
M1 Mac.
CIAvash if you installed rakudo with rakubrew, you can install zef with it as well, `rakubrew build-zef` 17:08
Chlorokin i ran that, but the commnad still isn't there. 17:11
So I think zef is installed but maybe not on my $PATH or something.
CIAvash run `rakubrew init` for instructions 17:13
If you ran `rakubrew build-zef` you should see something like `1 bin/ script [zef] installed to: ~/.raku/bin` 17:21
Chlorokin I got it working. 17:26
CIAvash I think after you add the eval line, you open a new terminal/shell to see its effect. or run `eval "$(/usr/bin/rakubrew init Zsh)"` manually 17:28