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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/06/06/2022-...y-release/ 12:42
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systems how to ask the bot 19:05
to evaluate code
MasterDuke just 'm: <your code here>', but i'm not sure it always works from discord. i think it's supposed to, but if it doesn't, i believe gfldex is the person to ask 19:06
gfldex m: say 'ohai!'; 19:07
m:``` 19:08
say 'multiline ohai!';
<@853712446660673566> help 19:09
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systems m: say 9/99999999999999999999; 19:29
m: say 9/999999999999999999999; 19:30
where are speaking from masteduke
say 9/999999999999999999999;
so my question is, when does raku switch to scientific notation and how can i force it to show real numbers, or big numbers 19:31
gfldex When the denominator exceeds 64bit it will convert to the type stored in $*RAT-OVERFLOW . 19:37
m: say $*RAT-OVERFLOW; 19:38
camelia (Num)
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systems can i force it to use big number 19:45
gfldex <@905663388133257246> see: docs.raku.org/type/FatRat 19:57
Nahita stackoverflow.com/questions/717646...ts-in-raku related 20:05
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MasterDuke systems: not sure what exactly you're asking, but i'm on irc 20:16
btw, that`Unhandled exception: Cannot unbox 70 bit wide bigint into native integer` you were getting earlier is arguably a bug. it happens when the optimizer is trying to warn about things being used in sink/void context (e.g., your bare `9/999999999999999999999` instead of `say 9/999999999999999999999`), and it's using native integers to do some 20:19
calculations, when maybe it should be checking if the values are larger than native and then use bigint ops
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systems thanks 21:28
FatRat is cool
Anton Antonov Aha, but nude fat rats are cooler. 21:55
E.g. `say FatRat.new(143242,13429*10**4).nude;` 22:14
Nemokosch XD 22:26
or fat rat nudes...
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Morfent it's true 23:01
`nude FatRat(0.0) but True :`