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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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stevied in the META6.json module in the resources sections, does a Windows machine also use the `/` as a path separator? I imagine that it does but I just want to check to make sure 00:26
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lizmat stevied: that's my understanding :-) 09:14
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Anton Antonov I am re-reading . Is there any other "motivational" document(s) discussing the design decisions to have / use `Seq` in a such ubiquitous manner? And/or a document with usage advice. 14:32
Nemokosch probably because of the memory implications 16:09
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Morfent > Lazy evaluation when possible, eager evaluation when wanted or necessary. This means, for example, lazy lists, and even infinite lazy lists, like the Fibonacci sequence, or all prime numbers. 16:40
listed as an advantage of using raku from
there's a page on the docs on the working with the list-ish types
oh that's what you linked 16:41
Nemokosch I do like the "all prime numbers" thing for the weekly challenges, haha 17:01
tbh I still haven't decided on my coding style 17:02
least parens is a tempting paradigm, but data->transformation makes more sense
I definitely prefer data->transformation to transformation->data 17:03
I don't know if this is only because this is the Hungarian way of thinking or it has actiual benefits
Anton Antonov Also, Japanese way of thinking. 17:14
<@297037173541175296> If I understand correctly the "data->transformation" reference. 17:15
Nemokosch Maybe
Take the word and add stuff to it until it has the right meaning and grammatical form
And in code: base sequence, filter, map, action kind of order 17:17
Anton Antonov I see -- Hungarian is agglutinative. Hence, postfixes with postfixes.
Right. This kind of the style propagated with "monad" pipelines packages.
Nemokosch Of course a natural language isn't this rigorously consistent but the overall concept is the same
Generic to specific 17:18
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