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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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stevied I've never done continuous testing before. Would like to use this module: 02:38
the container runs and then quits
it's not clear to me how to keep it running while I code and test in the background
I've never used travis before
I added the .travis.yml file to the distro but that didn't make a difference 02:40
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jaguart using rakudo v2020.12 v6.d on linux - is there a way to get the REPL to recall prior line for edit? e.g. up-arrow? 11:05
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kawaii jaguart; `zef install Readline` 11:41
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jaguart kwaii: Thank you :) 12:35
Anton Antonov Consider using SparkyCI : . 12:39
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Nemokosch Yeah yeah, own dog food 😋 15:00
stevied ok, thanks. I'll check it out 15:17
maybe sparrow isn't what I'm looking for. I want to run the tests locally, automatically 15:23
Nemokosch Can't be worse than Travis for that purpose 16:04
Although I don't know if this qualifies as a compliment, Travis is not really meant for that
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Anton Antonov Is it possible to have `BagHash` with a custom test function? 21:41
Is it possible to have `BagHash` or `BagMix` with a custom test function? 21:42
locria Does anyone know how to package raku software as standalone/portable software 22:14
Does anyone know how to package raku software as standalone/portable
Does anyone know how to package raku Distribution as standalone/portable software
Anton Antonov Like making a Raku app? See here: 22:20
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