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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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sabas3dgh Hi 03:59
stevied Hi
sabas3dgh Do we have any development option with atom? 04:01
stevied i think atom is going away
there is comma, which is free
there is a a paid version with a few extra bells and whistles
sabas3dgh Comma? The Jetbrain based app?
sabas3dgh What happens with them is beside me! It is exactly like bracket 04:03
I really think atom was far superior than vscode.
In terms of user experience
stevied dunno, never really used it. i just used vim until I started learning raku
sabas3dgh In vim verse I really had hard time with YouCompleteMe. But there is new player in the mix. 04:05
stevied vim is nice for total control over the environment but the price you pay is a lot of time figuring out how to customize things 04:09
Nemokosch I tried atom once and it was a huge disappointment 06:05
It was ugly and even the most basic IDE-like features needed very hacky, unreliable plugins 06:07
Morfent youcompleteme is slloooww 07:13
i use deoplete
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stevied anyone have an inkling why `say (run 'which', 'raku', :out).out.slurp;` shows nothing when run from within a test in Comma IDE? Works fine when run with prove6. 15:31
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