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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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jaguart What is REA in the context of Zef? 12:24
stevied i don't know offhand 12:25
lizmat the Raku Ecosystem Archive 12:26
it's where (almost) all distributions of the raku ecosystem live 12:27
jaguart Thank you :) - I'd just found
lizmat it's Raku's equivalent of BackPan, but integrated into zef
jaguart So REA is an Archive - not a repository where folks would publish modules? 12:31
lizmat indeed
you only need to publish a module in any of the other backends: git / cpan / zef 12:32
and it will be automatically added to the REA
jaguart So I guess that fez is the repository, and REA grabs from there (and other ecosystems)?
thanks :) 12:33
lizmat jaguart: yes 12:36
jaguart Looking for recommends of a Raku package on github to use as an example of current style 12:44
e.g. things like 12:45
lizmat jaguart: what parts of style are you looking for? documentation / readme / code ? 12:47
jaguart More the documentation / readme - I have a module I'd like to contribute and want to lint it a bit 12:48
lizmat personally, I use App::Mi6 for my modules, which creates the README from the pod for me
jaguart Great thanks - I'll have a dig 12:49
Coming from the private-garden world, I kind of miss having a decent code-doc site where I can browse 12:50
lizmat you know of ? 12:51
jaguart Oh fantastic - I do now :) 12:52
Are there any other tools like App::Mi6 that you recommend? 13:00
ie other tools you find useful in day to day development
lizmat well, there's of course Comma 13:01
i'm hooked on vim :-)
jaguart Yeah - I have my fav editor too, and desktop-edit but server-run. Have installed and played with it, but so far not enough to make me move 13:02
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Anton Antonov I have a large collection of large Mix objects. Currently, the Mix objects have string keys. If I use integer keys instead should I expect faster Mix merges and / or reduction and / or "typical" infix operations? 18:54
lizmat no 18:59
at the moment, if you want faster Mixes, than plain hashes should be used 19:00
Mixes (currently) always have the overhead of needing to create the .WHICH
basically, a Mix is a hash with the .WHICH of the key as the actual key, and a Pair with the key and the value as its value 19:01
Anton Antonov ^^
Anton Antonov @lizmat Ok, good to know. My whole recommender design was centered around Mix properties... 19:11
lizmat fwiw, I have considered special casing Str key cases, and possibly int key cases, but that would basically be two complete new classes internally 19:22
Anton Antonov I see.. 19:33
grenzo Hello, 19:58
I have a question on publishing a package. I'm still getting acquainted with Raku so I started by writing 3 small scripts. csv2json, json2csv (fast but slurps the sourcefile), and jsonStream2csv (should take any size).
I'd like to package these up in case anyone might find them useful. How should I structure the package so that when installed, the scripts are put somewhere accessible (assuming this is possible)?
(Provides no new modules) 20:00
SmokeMachine grenzo: maybe this helps: 20:03
grenzo SmokeMachine: Thanks, I thought I had read that, but I seemed to have missed the section on executables. 20:06
I see it now 20:07
stevied ``` 20:51
my $blah = 'baz';
enum Foo <bar baz>;
say ($blah ~~ Foo);
what does that return false and what do I need to do to get it to return true?
Nemokosch Well, why would that be true... 20:56
stevied dunno, trying to figure out enums. I don't seem to get them
Nemokosch What about Foo{$blah}?
stevied error: Autovivifying object closures not yet implemented. Sorry. 20:58
Nemokosch Wtf 21:00
That's less than awesome, damnit 21:02
stevied all I want to do is see if a string is in an enum
i guess I could just use an old-fashioned hash and check for key, but would like to learn about enums
Nemokosch $blah ~~ Foo() 21:05
works apparently
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Nevermind 21:06
Perma true
For whatever reason
Anyway, the output of Foo{$blah} is horrid 21:09
I'd definitely make an issue for it if I were at home 21:10
stevied ok
figure it out: ` Foo::{$blah};`
figured it out: ` Foo::{$blah};`
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