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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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jaguart aris: great news - as an alternate, what happens if you: say "\o33c" 09:13
this doesn't run/shell/exec anything, it just gets Raku to emit an escape sequence that clears a PowerShell or CMD or xterm terminal :) 09:14
Kaiepi nice 09:54
the fewer characters the better
Nemokosch how can I feed an array to the CLI? 10:04
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Kaiepi note: `\ec` will clear *everything*, formatting included 10:12
but that doesn't always matte 10:13
but that doesn't always matter
jaguart yep - and the scroll buffer too :o 10:15
aris wow \o33c is way shorter! 10:20
Thanks Jaguart!
`say "\ec"` is even shorter
noted... although I don't know what `\x[1B]a\x[1B]cb` means 10:27
jaguart welcome to the world of a million terminal control codes - you'll never escape-sequence ;) 10:40
\x[1B] = hex-1B which is the same as ascii-char(27) and \o33 (Octal 33) - this is the code from the Escape key 10:41
the next bit a is the characters exactly as they look i.e. [ = square brackets, 3 = digit 3 etc 10:42
and then another Escape aka \x[1B] followed by two more ordinary letters c and b 10:43
Here's a link for Powershell escape sequences: 10:47
You might have to upgrade to PS7 for thinkgs like `e
aris yeah 5.1 sucks especially the default encoding 10:49
that's a really nice link!
Kaiepi here's the most recent ecma-48 spec 11:02
teeeeechnically ISO 6429 is *the* standard for this stuff, but it has a price tag, is more or less equivalent, and it's open source people doing most of the implementing 11:03
not everyone implements it fully or follows it, however 11:04
not everyone implements it fully or follows it to the t, however
jaguart kaiepi++ - ka pai! 11:05
Kaiepi xterm also has docs for the sequences it supports, though it's hiding in its source 11:06
jaguart kaiepi: :)
Kaiepi huh neat 11:07
aris @@ I think I've had enough escape sequence for the day. 11:08
Kaiepi heh
Nemokosch I had to learn that this is often also incompatible with just _showing unicode_ 11:14
again, very interesting... 11:24 11:25
I have a function like this in my code
if I change it to the code in the comment 11:26
> Type check failed in binding to parameter '$projectid'; expected Any but got Mu (Mu)
at some other, very similar function, it works with the WhateverCode
the core difference is that in that function, $projectid is not a parameter but a variable inside a block 11:27
lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 14:01
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gfldex Bridge bot is back and I am very thermally conducting now. 21:14
Nemokosch 😅 21:18
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gfldex Unfortunately, I will have to play the whole game in reverse once the replacement pump arrives. They packed to bloody thing with foam for sound proving. What could possibly go wrong? 21:26
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