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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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otpv hi, i use PDF::IO::Reader to read a pdf file. that works fine. when i want to print out the content, i face 2 issues: when i log the object being the first content, the content is encoded and is not in the hash: 13:35
{Filter => FlateDecode, Length => ind-ref => [8 0]}
wondering how i can reach that encoded string. and how to decode it (i see an attribute Filter set to FlatDecode, so i tried to use PDF::IO::Filter.decode by setting Filter to FlatDecode, but w/o success).
here is the code:my PDF::IO::Reader $reader .= new; 13:37
$ 'myfile.pdf';
say $reader.trailer<Root><Pages><Kids>[0]<Contents>[0];
stevied wsl-lis 13:38
anyone know why this is returning false: `say $*SPEC.gist.contains(/unix/, :ignorecase);` 15:03
m: say $*SPEC.gist.contains(/unix/, :ignorecase); 15:05
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oh, i see. doesn't work with a regex 15:13
Nemokosch You could do a smartmatch for regex 16:09
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Util_ m: say $*"unix"); 17:36
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