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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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SysWOW64 Waku waku! 00:41
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ae_chep What's happening here? `my $x = foo() and bar()` is truthy even when `bar()` is falsy. I had to put the entire statement in paranthesis 16:26
Kaiepi `$x` being truthy/falsy? 16:35
ae_chep yes, I ended up finding $x to be `True` when both `foo()` and `bar()` was False
Kaiepi if `foo()` were truthy, `and`'s looser associativity compared to `=` would prevent `bar()` from being assigned 16:39
but if both are falsey, i'm not sure how that'd occur from this statement alone 16:41
ae_chep no the first one is falsy
and I assumed the `and` to have higher precedence than the assignment 16:42
I think assignment has the higher precedence, in this case
Kaiepi there is an `&&` with a tighter precedence you could get rid of the parentheses with 16:46
ae_chep I see, thank you 17:12
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Heptite I'm just under a third of the way through Learning Perl 6, and I'm wondering if there are people who remember ALL of the language's grammar, operators, etc? 23:59