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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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zacque Rant: Didn't expect the flattening effect of zip! 06:21
How can I prevent flattening such that some `((1,2)) Z ((3,4))` produces `(((1,2), (3,4)))`? 06:24
Nemokosch That's not flattening - ((1, 2)) is not a nested list. 06:42
It's the very same thing as (1, 2)
If you want the nested list, write ((1, 2),) 06:44
(The comma operator constructs the list, not the parens)
zacque Ah, you're right! Didn't notice that 07:01
That solves my problem, haha! Tq very much 😄 07:02
Nemokosch That one was an easy win, at least 07:03
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CIAvash or maybe `$(1,2) Z $(3,4)` 08:15
Nemokosch that generates weird output, by the way 08:28
oops nevermind, I was just stupid
Still, I don't get why $(1, 2) Z $(3, 4) is double-nested 08:29
Zephyr comma operator creates a list by itself, I think explicitly creating a list that wraps it makes it double nested? 08:31
Nemokosch I suppose $(1, 2) is like an item 08:32
m: dd 1 Z 2
do items turn into one-element lists implicitly, again? 😆 08:33
Zephyr wait nvm, $(1, 2) isn't a nested list
I guess yes then it's transforming an item into an one-element list... didn't expect that 08:34
CIAvash `$(1,2)` is the same as `(1,2).item` 08:45
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zacque ClAvash: `$(1,2)` works too, thanks! 11:19
I'm confused, should I implement `cmp` inside my custom class, or a `multi sub` outside it? 11:21
But if I implement it as a `multi sub`, it will need to have access to some internal details 😦 11:22
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Nemokosch I wonder 11:42
zacque I don't think it helps, since I'm comparing two objects of the same class 11:58
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Nemokosch yeah I mean maybe there is something like "friend" in C++? 12:11
zacque Ya, but how does it help? 12:13
Nemokosch well, do you know what a friend function is? 🤔 12:19
zacque Yup, a friend class has access to all private and public attributes and functions 12:57
A friend function, not sure.. 12:58
Nemokosch same but as a function 😛
zacque With public attributes, I can do something like this:
Huh? Is there such a thing as friend function in Raku? 😮 12:59
Nemokosch I don't know
that's the thing...
zacque Lol hahaha
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Nemokosch it exists in C++ at least 13:04
zacque Ok... 13:29
Is there a way to compare two objects of the same class without exposing internal details? I'd like to keep everything private though 13:31
Nemokosch method infix:<cmp> seems to work 13:36
lizmat zacque: if these objects are value types, then maybe is interesting 13:56
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habere-et-disper Hi all o/ 14:18
Hoes does the control flow keyword `lift` work?
I can't find any documentation.
zacque lizmat: That helps! How do I compare two objects then? Do I have to invoke `WHICH` on both objects? 14:25
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deoac what is the meaning of  ` FATAL: Empty input word set `   ? 14:46
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lizmat zacque using the identity operator,%20infix%20⩶ 17:03
Nemokosch lizmat: what does =:= use? 17:25
lizmat the actual memory address: aka, whether they are referring to actually the same object
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Nemokosch thankies 19:19
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zacque lizmat: Ah, I see. Thx! 22:33
lizmat habere-et-disper: where did you read about "lift" ? it was never implemented 22:49
Mofu This seems like a harmless place to fawn over Raku, so I'm here to say I appreciate how life-changing Raku can be for quick and dirty scripting. For example just using `sub MAIN($somearg = "blah")` for passing cmdline args to the script be magic, instead of having to do the usual ARGV array/length parsing boilerplate. 23:23
guifa Mofu: glad to have you enjoying it! 23:43
Mofu I haven't felt this lazy since I first learned Ruby lol. 23:48