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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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MasterDuke Nemokosch: but the nice thing is that there's a built in profiler. one of my favorite things about rakudo 00:16
Nemokosch is this the reason it's so slow? 😄 jokes aside, the HTML output is kinda painful, you can't even navigate backwards 00:19
and you know, I meant mostly on a higher level. For example, string operations are reasonably cheap, while writing ($a, $b) = (1, 2) instead of $a = 1; $b = 2 can be significant overhead in a loop 00:21
MasterDuke have you tried timo++'s profile viewer? it's not finished, but it's still better in some ways 00:23
Nemokosch hm, not sure I know it
MasterDuke and true, though that particular example i've been working on making better 00:26
Nemokosch I'm not sure but it could be that this is the one I know (and complain) about 😅 00:31
MasterDuke it reads the .sql output, the built in viewer is just the .html 00:33
Nemokosch is there .sql as well? 👀 00:34
MasterDuke yeah, also .json, though the non-built-in viewer for that (written in qt) is quite a bit older and less capable 00:35 00:36
when a profile gets too big (~5mb), the built in viewer chokes, but the others can handle much bigger 00:38
Nemokosch instant wishlist candidate 😄 00:58
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