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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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deoac I'm having trouble using Unicode Hebrew letters with vowel points. 18:50
Without works fine: m: `'ש'.uniname` 18:51
#output HEBREW LETTER SHIN 18:52
But with a vowel point `say 'ֱש'.uniname`,
Argument to "say" seems to be malformed
------> say⏏ 'ֱש'.uniname
Bogus postfix
------> say ⏏'ֱש'.uniname
    expecting any of:
        infix stopper
        statement end 18:53
        statement modifier
        statement modifier loop
Other potential difficulties:
    Unsupported use of bare "say". In Raku please use: .say if you meant
    to call it as a method on $_, or use an explicit invocant or argument,
    or use &say to refer to the function as a noun.
    ------> say⏏ 'ֱש'.uniname
Nemokosch m: 'ֱש'.uniname 19:35
I think this is not a letter somehow 19:38
if I only copy the middle part without the quotation marks and quote that, it works, moreover it's the original letter 19:39
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yabobay is there something that is equivalent to python's `dir`? 20:57
Nemokosch what does python's `dir` do? 20:58
yabobay it takes an object as an argument and lists all its attributes and methods
Nemokosch I would check around here 21:00
Anton Antonov <@989550365533937664> First, I do not like Python much. Second, yes, `dir` is cool -- in Raku you can use `.methods` or `.method_table`.
Nemokosch or probably `.^methods` because it's a metamethod 21:02
Anton Antonov <@297037173541175296> Correct.
yabobay i tried both. .method give me an error and .^methods gives me ()
Nemokosch I mean, what you are trying to do here miiight be a bit next-level 21:03
how could poor Raku metamodel inspect code that isn't Raku in the first place? 21:04
Anton Antonov You are using it wrong. 🙂
Try "method*" on `$x`.
yabobay i know i'm using it wrong, i'm just trying to figure out how wrong
Anton Antonov <@989550365533937664> Ahh, sorry -- on the screenshot you commented out `$x`. 21:05
yabobay yeahh i cant figure out if you can use Inline::Python to have objects from python. or if you can only have functions 21:06
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Anton Antonov Cannot help -- I never succeeded installing "Inline::Python" on my computers. 21:07
Nemokosch I mean, why not ask the author?
yabobay well... it was last updated in 2020 21:08
so i don't think that's gonna be a thing
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i'm gonna ask though 21:13
Anton Antonov I used extensively the meta-model functions in last few days though. Something close to the use of `dir` in Python can be seen here:
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<@989550365533937664> Do you any chance use: 1) Jupyter, or 2) Quarto ? 21:27
<@989550365533937664> Do you any chance use: 1) Jupyter, or 2) Quarto ? (While programming in Python.)
yabobay nah, i don't even know what those are 21:31
what are those?
Anton Antonov Both are "notebook solutions." Jupyter is JSON based, Quarto is Markdown based. 21:44
Quarto is new...
yabobay huh. well why'd you ask?
Anton Antonov Well, my hypothesis is that you know Python reasonably well. If you used Jupyter or Quarto, I would have tried to talk to you about: 1) using Raku in Jupyter, 2) generating Python code with Raku, and 3) streamlining that in Jupyter. 21:48
Here is an example (with Jupyter) : 21:50
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deoac It's "ש\x[05B5]" . Shouldn't this be the same as "\c[HEBREW LETTER SHIN WITH HEBREW POINT TSERE]" ? 23:45
Nemokosch well, uniname says HEBREW LETTER SHIN and .chars gives 1 23:54