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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Guest26 Hello! I'm attempting to build a simple hello world for raku and compile it as a jar, but i'm gettin the error "Unknown compilation target 'jar'". I am compiling my code with "raku --target=jar test.raku". I am running this on macOS 12.4 (Monterrey) and installed raku via homebrew 02:16
also, is there any documentation about raku-on-jvm generally? i have been struggling to find any 02:23
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Nemokosch Hello. I'm afraid you cannot synthesize standalone (quasi) executables with Rakudo 09:55
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habere-et-disper How do I make a grammar return False instead of Nil? Trying to catch it in `actions` is too late, and I don't know what method (or phaser?) to use to do this inside the grammar. 18:00
Anton Antonov Just you `so`. 18:01
E.g. `so Parser.parse('I love Croku')`. 18:02
Just use `so`. 18:03
habere-et-disper The grammar is returning a bag, and an empty bag is valid too. So we have multiple falsy values that can be returned from the grammar. I only want complete grammar failure (ie Nil) to return False, everything else is fine to pass on.  I thought his would be easier to do inside the grammar? 18:07
I am using an action and .made so the grammar is returning useful things I don't want cast into Boolean. 18:09
(Unless Nil.)
I have it working with `.parse( $source, actions => ... ).made // False` and I'm wondering if that False bit could go into the grammar? 18:11
Anton Antonov Where I can see your code? Can you post it here? Is it in some repository?
habere-et-disper Sure -- it's on Exercism. Thanks for taking a look -- I really appreciate it! :-) 18:16
Anton Antonov I am sorry, I cannot copy-&-paste that code. Please post it here. 18:23
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habere-et-disper 18:33
Raw (for copy&paste): 18:36
Nemokosch what does the argumentless flat do? 18:54
Kaiepi the args are on the next line 19:01
no semicolon
Nemokosch no semicolon indeed but I wouldn't have expected this to be parsed like arguments 19:05
habere-et-disper I know -- more raku magic! 19:08
Nemokosch I don't know, I can't read those lines 19:10
habere-et-disper It's the algorithm for calculating the isbn, which is taking the digits from the grammmar. There are two cases: straight ten digits, or nine with an X which we have to turn into a ten. 19:13
It's the `// False` bit at the end that I thought I could add to the grammar with a method. I'm adjusting the code from the book I have _Raku Fundamentals_. You can read that approach here: 19:20
Nemokosch are you sure you want Z* ? 19:42
I don't know. Overall, the whole code is unrelatable for me. I think I also tried this task a while back, and I concluded I didn't want to do tasks that are improperly specified yet expect you to match their vague testing. 19:46
habere-et-disper I'm keen to hear about alternative approaches. What do you suggest in place of Z*? 20:01
How can I make this more relatable? 20:02
Nemokosch No idea, to be honest. I don't know what this is meant to be, and I remember I was absolutely dissatisfied with the specification of the task anyway.
habere-et-disper I have found it trying too. It's not setup for the beginner and that's where I'd like to see fundamental changes into a somatic approach to programming. Has anyone experienced dynamicland? 20:11
Anton Antonov @habere-et-disper Thanks for asking the ISBN grammar questions. I used that grammar to make test for my random sentence generator. 20:12
habere-et-disper You're welcome ! :) What does your random sentence generator look like? 20:16
Anton Antonov ```
> random-sentence-generation "grammar ISBN {
token TOP { <tenner> | <niner-xray> }
token tenner { [ <digit> '-' ? ] ** 10 }
token niner-xray { [ <digit> '-' ? ] ** 9 X }
}" --sep='' | tr -d 'DIGIT(' | tr -d ')'
9112468149 20:17
habere-et-disper Is this as a BASH script? 20:23
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