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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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jaguart Ok - so I've skirmished with rakudo-pkg on Debian - and ended up being reminded of how much implicit knowlege is not actually written down. I'm getting the weird impression that zef-install has to be run for *every* user? and then that *zef install module* also has to be run for _every_ user including root? 02:28
there is a hint about #inst at the end of the zef readme, or maybe DefaultCUR default value of auto... and directory permissions in /opt/rakudo-pkg 02:43
whew - it is possible to have site modules with a bit of permissioning and tweaking of rakudo-pkg install scripts 03:48
Mason is there a way to do this? 05:55
given $foo {
when /'keyword '(\w+)/ -> $match {
jaguart m: given "one keyword too many" { when / keyword \s+ (\w+) { $0.say } / {} } 06:28
camelia 「too」
jaguart if you actually want to do something interesting in the given block you can: 06:52
m: given "red keyword one green keyword two blue" { when m:g/ keyword \s+ (\w+) {make($0.Str)} / { $/.map({say .made}) } }
camelia one
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Mason $0 was what I was looking for I think 10:56
Nemokosch I don't understand the question and the answer either xd 11:09
just to make sure everyone is on the same page 11:10
$/ is the match object
$0, $1, $2 etc are the capture groups of that match object, i.e $/[0], $/[1] etc
it's possible to execute code straight from regex because code blocks still count, and apparently those code blocks can already access the forming match object 11:12
make is for assigning data to a certain match, usually for parsing purposes, and .made is to access the assigned data (I think .ast also works for the same purpose) 11:13
for convenience, you can also set the limits of the whole match object with <( and )> respectively 11:14
oh and a disclaimer: Raku regexes are still slow, one could say too slow for mass manipulation 11:16
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ToddAndMargo When I am in a module (pm6), is there one of those fancy system variables that will tell me the name of calling (pl6) program? 17:08
jaguart $*PROGRAM-NAME 17:09
ToddAndMargo thankyouthankyouthankyou!!
I am getting back "-e.bat"    raku -e "use lib '.'; use NativeWinUtils :RunCmd; say RunCmd(Q[ls]);" 17:26
I put the .bat onto it.  so "-e"
Nemokosch that's your calling program indeed - inline Raku using the -e option 17:28
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ToddAndMargo I get it now. Duh! 17:30
any reason why "print" does not show up on the screen from inside a module? 17:32
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