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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Mason so if I want to implement a more performant type to be a key to a hash 02:46
how would I go about it 02:47
specifically something faster than using `"{$a},{$b}"` as the ket
specifically something faster than using `"{$a},{$b}"` as the key
I understand which is the key, but is it really not possible to go faster?
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lizmat Mason that's enough information to give a good answer to 10:08
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yabobay how do i pass a array with 3 elements to a function that accepts 3 arguments? 22:39
Nemokosch I think slip can work 22:44
|@arr, or @arr.Slip, or slip @arr
yabobay ```pl 22:48
sub brint(@bitmap) {
for @bitmap {
print "\e\n";
here's my current code. it gives me this error:
Too few positionals passed; expected 3 arguments but got 1
in sub ansi at test.raku line 23
in sub brint at test.raku line 28
in block <unit> at test.raku line 35
changing the $ to a @ gives me the same error 22:49
Nemokosch changing $ to @ wouldn't do anything useful I think 22:53
what about |$_ ?
yabobay alright so that fixed the issue entirely 22:54
i just don't know what that means or what it does
Nemokosch it unrolls the content into arguments 22:56
I wish it worked with .Slip as well
yabobay but what's the logic behind that
that's literally what it does
yabobay i thought it did something else and we just harnessed that to do this thing