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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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NemokoschKiwi @foo.splice(@foo.elems, 0, @bar) is just a convoluted way to write @foo.append(@bar), right? 00:06
in sunk context, that is
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deoac `Term::ReadKey` doesn't behave like the documentation claims.  It doesn't respond to a key-press.  It responds after you hit `enter`. .  Is there another module that doesn't require the `enter`. ? 01:26
Nemokosch life hack: always ask japhb about terminal user interface stuff 01:30
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deoac How do I reach them? 02:04
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rcmlz lizmat: in deed autogenerated? Not too bad for that, I would say ... (plus given the fact that the author is more a clay specialist ;-) 07:07
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lizmat Nemokosch indeed 09:47
and @foo.splice; in sink context is a faster way to do @foo = () :-) 09:48
Nemokosch Gotcha, thanks 09:53
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