This channel is intended for people just starting with the Raku Programming Language ( Logs are available at
Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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CodeTortoise Hello. Does anyone know of any resources for using Raku for linguistics? Such as analyzing a corpus? I have no doubt that a language designed for text processing by a linguists would be awesome in this domain, but basically all the language tools are done using Python. 15:36
lizmat guifa and anton antonov would be the people to check with, I'd say 15:51
CodeTortoise Thank you. 15:56
lizmat CodeTortoise: some blog posts: 15:57
CodeTortoise This is cool. This is the kind of thing I was looking for. Thank you! 16:00
lizmat you're welcome, have fun! 16:03
CodeTortoise One more, kind of dumb question: Is there something like a "clear" command for the Raku repl? I am going through a the Think Raku book on half my screen, and the other half a terminal, and I would like to be able to clear the screen between examples without exiting. 16:15
lizmat other than ^C, arrow up, ENTER 16:17
I don't know of any
but then I'm *not* a regular REPL user
CodeTortoise Ah, yeah. No worries, I need to be writing to files anyways to do the exercises, so I am just splitting the screen. 16:18
Ooh. I can also tab. I really need to learn my terminal emulator better. 16:19
lizmat :-) 16:20
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p6steve I did some wrestling with MacOS Monterey (& ARM) about a year ago ( 19:37
My conclusion is that Apple is slowly and steadily dropping proper support for Unix dev on the Mac 19:38
My advice in a nutshell is to use Docker + Ubuntu to sidesteps these issues - if you want ease of use & compatibility (ARM and x86 images) then use the MacOS Docker Desktop (the "external" Jupyter world such as prpe-build Jupyter Docker images and binder is x86 heavy). 19:41
If you want fast (for load and for execution), then use vftools (I reference an excellent installation guide in the blog post part 2). I find a combination of both is most sensible. My typical workday is start ubuntu VM on vftools (~3s), ssh in, run ubuntu on Docker on this ubuntu xN. I have a collection of Docker stacks here if you would like ... including Jupyt 19:45
This implies that you work in vi / cli -- or it may be that the IntelliJ ssh to docker server is now working with the Comma plugin (haven't tested recently). And that you do not have a whole bunch of Mac UI stuff / other languages that you want to switch between ;-( 19:48
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Anton Antonov <@928301352029937715> Nice summary, advice. Maybe you should make a blog post and/or post it on reddit. 23:17