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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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tgt Hi. I'm trying to install cro, but I get lots of test failures when I try. I'm on macOS Ventura installing it using zef installed with rakubrew. I've tried installing the dependencies one at a time and some have worked, but JSON::JWT hasn't. I get the error in this Github issue: Any ideas? 09:35
gfldex tgt: unless you need JWT, you can just force the install and skip all tests 09:47
tgt zef install --force-test cro? Or zef install --force-test JSON::JWT and then zef install cro? 09:58
gfldex It can't hurt to try --force-test JSON::JWT first. 09:59
tgt Thanks, will give it a go. Thought it might run the JSON::JWT tests on the non-force cro install 10:00
Nemokosch I'm gonna look into those tests 10:17
tgt Had to zef install --force-test Cro::HTTP to get past the same issue. I've now installed all the dependencies, but installing cro itself hangs on `[cro] # Check service up attempt 1: connection refused` 10:21
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Nemokosch What do you mean installing cro itself? 10:46
tgt `zef install cro` 10:47
Nemokosch hm, turns out I might have never installed that 😅 10:58
tgt Sent a pull request: 11:02
Not really sure why that caused the test to hang though 11:03
p6steve I just tried ```zef install --/test```on Ventura M1 and get this 12:26
```WARNING: /Users/xxx/.rakubrew/versions/moar-2022.12/bin/raku[do] is loading libcrypto in an unsafe way``` which reinforces my opinion that doing core Unix / Linux dev on the Mac is not longer a sensible path (not just with raku!) (see my comments above and my blog) ...
works fine on ubuntu on vftools on Ventura M1 ;-) 12:33
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tgt I seem to remember having that issue last time I played with raku... 13:02
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rcmlz I also just gave it a whirl (on MacOS 12.5.1 Montery) using 14:09
envy init 'raku_environments/cro_sandbox'
zef install --to='Envy<#538420565980086273>_environments/cro_sandbox' --force-test cro
and got many warnings like
[IO::Socket::Async::SSL] WARNING: /Users/xxxxx/.rakubrew/versions/moar-2022.07/bin/rakudo is loading libcrypto in an unsafe way
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Nemokosch Why do yall keep using MacOS :(( 15:50
yabobay amen 16:04
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Kaiepi i'd love to be able to assume os x behaves similarly enough to a bsd as a darwin but no it's off in its own little world like windows 16:21
p6steve nemokosch ++ 17:04
17:31 jgaz left is the best method and the recipe is here 17:41
(to run ubuntu as a performant VM on the Mac ... if you just want to dabble, Docker Desktop for the mac is easier (and will handle x86 images on ARM) but a lot slower 17:43
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Nemokosch a lot of people just accepted this meme that "Mac is for developers" and apparently they don't mind neither the constant hussle, nor the burden it puts on fellow developers by constantly worrying about Mac compatibility in their products 18:52
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yabobay well portability i think it's a important thing to have even if no one actually wanted it 20:07
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Nemokosch ~~tell that to Apple~~ 20:37
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opoku hello, I'm attempting to install rakudoc locally using `zef install rakudoc` and its failing. This is on an M1 macOS 13.1. Output from zef is here: I'd appreciate any help I can get. 22:05
Nemokosch Hi, first off, apparently it fails on Ubuntu 20.04 in the WSL as well... 22:15
if you pass --verbose, you can also see which tests have failed 22:17
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Kaiepi so apparently `zef nuke` interacts with local repos 22:25
Nemokosch not sure how `zef nuke` is related now but it would be really nice to get rakudoc passing all tests, lol 😅 22:34
opoku: for that matter, you can always just --force-test or downright --no-test, and hope that it does work anyway and the tests were just too rigid 22:35