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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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jaguart stevied: what about: raku -MJSON::Fast -e 'my $a = qx{wget -qO-}; my @a = from-json($a);.say for @a;' 00:08
Nemokosch I think the "zef ecosystem" doesn't contain everything that "counts" 00:09
jaguart what about the REA archive?
as in - dont all the archives return the same thing, so choose the one that has what you want 00:10
stevied: what about: raku -MJSON::Fast -e 'my $a = qx{wget -qO-}; my @a = from-json($a);.say for @a;' 00:11
or just the names: raku -MJSON::Fast -e 'my $a = qx{wget -qO-}; my @a = from-json($a);$_<dist>.say for @a;' 00:13
about 2494 modules :o 00:14
Nemokosch lol 00:16
jaguart or - raku -MJSON::Fast -e 'my $a = qx{wget -qO-}; my @a = from-json($a);$_<provides>.say for @a;' | grep pm6
Nemokosch tonyo just said 2493 distributions... the number is growing quickly 😛
jaguart though each version is listed, and he probably only wants the last from each dist 00:17
REA reports only 850 distinct modules... 00:22
using this: raku -MJSON::Fast -e 'my $a = qx{wget -qO-}; my @a = from-json($a);$_<dist>.say for @a;' | sort -u -f +0 -1 -t: | wc -l 00:23
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stevied The META.json in REA file doesn’t have all the same values as what’s in each distro’s JSON files. 05:17
The META.json in REA doesn’t have all the same values as what’s in each distro’s JSON files. 05:18
The only place I found where I could reliably get the location of the source code for each distro was in the distro’s meta.json file in the tarball in REA. 05:21
Complicating things is some distros don’t all use the same name for the META.json file. 05:22
So I had to extract the meta json file from each tarball. 05:23
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jaguart that's interesting... sounds like a recipe for confusion - so you checkout REA and work from the tarballs - and the REA/meta folder has different details from the tarball 😮 05:48
that's worth an audit check 05:49
though I do see that the REA meta has been cleaned up - e.g. the :auth fixed 05:53
ll 05:55
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stevied Yeah. I was very surprised to find a lot of modules in rea meta file did not have the url to the repo. That’s the main reason I decided to go straight to the tarballs. 13:29
Nemokosch I'd say it's not really official or required 13:31
stevied True. But why have the url to the repo in some and not others? 13:34
Nemokosch I think that's also a matter of tooling 13:47
stevied yeah, for sure 13:48
at any rate, 99% of the modules have a a link to their public source repo 13:49
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in some meta.json files, a lot of distros have this: 17:03
"meta-spec" : {
"url" : "",
"version" : 2
what is that?
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can someone remind me of why I have to escape double quotes in `$m ~~ /\"/` 17:31
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Nahita because regexes support string interpolation 17:36
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p6steve more generally if it ain't an alphanumunder then escape (or single quote) it ... which is easy to remember for forgetful people like me 18:18
Nemokosch ^ 18:26
tbrowder if all module authors would use App::Mi6 and zef that would help standardize quite a bit. 18:48
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Nemokosch Since the time I tried to actually add functionality to App::Mi6 and failed on the author, well, it's hard to say "sure, go ahead, everyone should use App::Mi6" 19:06
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