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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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jaguart tried to install Comma IDE - not a great experience so far. I'm used to windows, so when it asked for a project I expected the dialog to let me select a folder... instead of expanding, it seleted the root folder of a 4TB disk with about 2tb of data - which Comma seems to want to index... 01:17
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rf Is this on MacOS? 03:12
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rf What's the difference between unit module and unit class? 16:45
Nemokosch shouldn't it be the same difference as between a module and a class? 16:46
rf Maybe I'm just unsure about what its unit is really doing 16:49
Nahita it relieves you from indentation :\)
rf I see, makes sense
Nahita well curly braces
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rf So how would I nicely define a class then, if say my zef name is: ABC::Class, and I want to define Class wouldn't it always be ABC::Class::Class? 17:27
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p6steve rf: I vaguely remember having had this same problem ... for example, I ended up using 18:55
```unit module Physics::Measure:ver<1.0.6>:auth<Steve Roe (>;```
```class Measure is export { ... }```
and that sits in the module dir with path ```/lib/Physics/Measure.rakumod``` 18:56
rf Uh I think I found a nicer way. In your case that would make the type Physics::Measure::Measure; 19:01
What you can do is either define the class as class Physics::Measure is export { ... } or unit class Physics::Measure; and drop the class definition completely 19:02
I think... :)
p6steve ah - yes, I see that I have the same issue as you 20:19
I have taken a look at the Cro::HTTP and App:Rak sources and I think that I have been too worried about having a unit module ... first line to provide auth and ver info 20:20
looks like this is unnecessary providing that you properly populate your META6.json ... 20:24
then the trick is to either locate a big class as it's own 'class' package, or to use 'module' higher up in the tree to collect a bunch of small classes that are then used with 'use module::class;' 20:27
rf Yeah 20:34
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