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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Nemokosch anyway, the point is that this should work if you have the up-to-date Digest and Digest::HMAC distributions 00:04
jaguart my rakudo-pkg / zef install has always been permission dodgy, as I initially wanted to have raku installed once serverwide 00:30
I've given up on this, and apt-purge / rm -rf / reinstalled - fingers crossed 00:31
`prove6 -Ilib,. t` fails in github windows workflow - ` Missing argument in parameter list.` and points to the comma? 00:33
Nemokosch well... does anyone know Windows scripting? ^^ 00:36
jaguart it has scripting?? 00:37
argh, so `prove6 -I.,lib t` works but `prove6 -Ilib,. t` fails 00:38
that's fairly pants 00:39
so on a new rakudo-pkg install, `zef install App::Mi6' fails because JSON::Marshal fails 00:51
install JSON::Fast -> install JSON::Marshal still fails
install JSON::Name -> install JSON::Marshal still fails
install JSON::OptIn -> install JSON::Marshal works 00:52
I'm guessing its because Marshall tests depend on the others, but they are only tested and waiting, not yet installed when it fails 00:53
install App::Mi6 now fails on Template::Mustache... 00:54
Nemokosch I wonder why Template::Mustache is even involved 00:55
jaguart Pod::To::HTML my guess
I now have 6 pre-depends to install...
Nemokosch not gonna lie, many distributions are just badly designed... 00:56
jaguart this is why zef feels flakey - the attempt to do atomic installs doesnt work well with Raku repos
Nemokosch to install all this bloatware for something that should be really banal
jaguart no - Im pretty sure its the approach to install failing because test dependencies are not yet available
a different approach would install the pre-depends and roll-back on faiure 00:57
I just have to work each one through manually and its fine
Nemokosch but dependencies are indeed installed prior to testing
jaguart no they are not - Mustache has 6 pre-depends - they are not yet installed 00:58
Nemokosch yes, they *are* rolled back if the eventual distribution installation fails, but nevertheless they *are* installed before testing the eventual distribution
jaguart let me try - I bet it will work if I manually install each one
ok - so need a better theory on why install is so flakey 00:59
Nemokosch if it indeed works if you install it one by one, I'm positive something just doesn't work right
jaguart are they really? - once you pass all the tests, you see all the installed messages come up...
JSON::Marshal worked by manually installing each predepends
I'll try Mustache... 01:00
Nemokosch no, the logs show exactly that the dependencies are installed after their own tests and before the test of the main distribution
jaguart so there is still a test failure for installing Mustache... but can't track it down 01:24
and it doesn't happen when you install from the repo 01:25
and prove6 and zef test in the repo all work fine
sofar, trying to install Mi6 I have fails on JSON::Marshall, Template::Mustache... and now Pod::To::HTML... 01:26
but first - sandwich
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jaguart meh - hard to understand the backtrace 01:58
zef install NativeHelpers::Blob fails... 01:59
if I `raku --ll-exception -e 'use Zef::CLI' install NativeHelpers::Blob --debug`
seems to barf at: src/core.c/Rakudo/Internals/HyperRaceSharedImpl.pm6:59 02:00
Nemokosch why does stuff like that even install... 😦 02:01
jaguart something from LibCurl I think
rf How can I ignore files with my META6.json? 02:05
jaguart the test fail backtrace: Exception.pm6 <- control.pm6 <- Zef::Client 738 <- Zef::Client 727 <- HyperRaceShared.Impl 59 <- HyperPipeline 82 et 02:06
Nemokosch what do you mean "ignore"?
jaguart HyperRaceSharedImpl:59 my int $i = -1 02:07
rf When I upload my dist, I don't want certain files to be indexed or included in the tarball. 02:08
Nemokosch I really doubt META6.json is for this... although I'm not sure if everything in that folder is wrapped into a distribution 02:10
rf It is. It just runs gtar on the dir 02:16
Nemokosch anyway, META6 is mostly the interface of the distribution, not a config file, is it 02:17
rf I guess, I thought that it might simply pull from git, but it uses the directory. 02:18
Nemokosch anyway, thinking about it... "it just runs gtar on the dir" - what does?
jaguart rf: are you using `mi6`? 02:24
rf fez upload seems to just tar my directory and upload it 02:28
Nemokosch hopefully everybody will remember this. There are loads of presentations on the ecosystems, starting from tonyo's talk from the 2021 conference, guifa's talk on the Perl & Raku conference and later a 2.0 version of it on the Raku conference and I think one of lizmat's 2022 talks also covered the question of ecosystems somewhat
rf jaguart: Not for this project sadly. I discovered it a little late
Nemokosch then this behavior is tied to fez probably - I for one hope it doesn't hack its own configuration into META6 02:30
jaguart the alternate maybe mi6 - but this is an example of installing App::Mi6 on a clean linux rakudo-pkg install: 02:32
rf How did you install rakudo?
Nemokosch mi6 itself uses fez when you push to "the zef ecosystem" 02:33
jaguart rakudo installation:
rf I'm not sure if you've tried rakubrew, but it stopped me from having problems 02:34
Nemokosch this is definitely not a normal thing...
I also swear by rakubrew btw
jaguart yeah - I used it for a while - but looking for automated production deployment and upgrades 02:35
rf Docker to the rescue?
Nemokosch jaguart: what version of zef do you have?
jaguart we're old school - VMs and servers 02:36
rf Interesting to hear Raku in production like this, how many services/what is it doing? If you don't mind sharing 02:37
Nemokosch okay, it might actually be the latest
jaguart rakudo-pkg 2022.12 installs zef:ver<0.14.5>:auth<github:ugexe>:api<0> but the instructions say 'zef upgrade' straight away
nothing production yet - the hope is to replace our Perl5 devops, bootstrap, CI, release tools and monitoring tools. Not for quite a while is my guess 02:40
rf That's very cool. Best of luck :D
Nemokosch rf: by the way, fez doesn't bundle hidden files 02:41
that's one thing for sure (also, this is documented)
rf Okay, that is good. I can just hide them for now. 02:42
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Nemokosch fez has rather accessible code, I'd say 02:44
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jaguart I'm stymied trying to `mi6 build` - I want to regen the and the META6.json - but my module depends on another unreleased module 11:16
I've tried: `raku -I.,lib,../Kaolin/lib -e 'use App::Mi6;"build")'` 11:17
but `mi6` seems to run `rakudo -I/home/jeff/src/Grok --doc=Markdown lib/Grok.rakumod` :( 11:18
whew: RAKULIB to the rescue 11:19
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grondilu I'm so bad at grammars that I might as well post here. I'm trying to write a grammar for OBJ files and I fail miserably. I can't even parse into lines. Just lines ! 17:33
I tried grammar { rule TOP { <line>+ }; rule line { \N+ } } and that just hangs. 17:34
I tried grammar { rule TOP { <line>+ }; rule line { \N* } } and that just hangs. 17:35
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stevied it took me a long time to wrap may head around as well 18:09
lots of trial and error before I started to get it
don't put a semi after the curly bracket 18:15
Nemokosch Isn't that necessary though?
stevied not the code I have 18:16
``` 18:18
grammar BLAH {
token TOP { <line>+ }
token line { [ <blah1> || <blah2> \n ] }
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p6steve maybe grammar { rule TOP { <line>+ } rule line { \N+ } }, the '+' meaning one or more as opposed to '*' zero or more? 21:47
Nemokosch that's probably better because it won't end up generating empty matches for eternity 21:48
I wonder... what if there is a lookahead assertion 21:51
p6steve <@398722324125450240> you were very close ```grammar Thing { rule TOP { <line>+ }; rule line { \N+ } }``` is fine 21:52
<@563790557831495691> you had me thinking with the ';' point, but actually it's a no-op 21:53
stevied ok, yeah, i was wondering about that
p6steve yeah I had to try it to check 21:54
Nemokosch I think it's often necessary after the curly braces if you don't add a line break
stevied i had worked out how to do a grammar line by line at one point and I have forgotten how I did it. Now I feel compelled to work it out again.
p6steve ``` 21:56
grammar Thing { rule TOP { <line>+ }; rule line { \N+ } }
my $here = q:to/END/;
20 port: 8888
21 cidr:
say Thing.parse: $here;
so, no need for line breaks
you can likely do this with any "declaration" block
Nemokosch m: grammar Thing { rule TOP { <line>+ } rule line { \N+ } } 21:57
p6steve total red face, <@297037173541175296> you are right
Nemokosch without the semicolon 21:58
stevied oh man, is the grammar preview feature broken in comma again? 22:03
p6steve you on a mac? 22:07
stevied yeah 22:08
ok, it's working in a different project. wasn't working in one that already had a grammar
p6steve I have Comma plugin in IntelliJ Idea 2021.3.3 (the latest supported by Comma)
stevied flaky
p6steve WARNING: /Users/stephenroe/.rakubrew/versions/moar-2022.12/bin/raku is loading libcrypto in an unsafe w 22:09
WARNING: /Users/xxx/.rakubrew/versions/moar-2022.12/bin/raku is loading libcrypto in an unsafe w
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stevied ok, I think this is probably the definitive grammar for splitting "lines" 22:55
grammar LINES {
token TOP { <line>+ }
token line { .+? \n || \n || .+ $$ }
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this uses a loose definition of a "line" 22:55
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so this will match "one\ntwo<EOF>" or "one\ntwo\n" or "one\n\n" 22:59
Nemokosch I don't remember... does || mean "first match"? 23:00
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stevied it's called "alternative" operator 23:23
Nemokosch what's the difference between this and | ? 23:26
p6steve in regex branches separated by |, the longest token match wins, independent of the textual ordering in the regex 23:31
jaguart so || -> first match, and | -> longest match ? 23:53
if so, feels like || would be faster... 23:54