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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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el gatito (** advocate) mfw class method syntaxperl method classmeth(::?CLASS:U:) 03:18
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deoac Is there a Test module that provides a `throws-like` test that can also test the .message thrown? 05:21
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CIAvash deoac: `throws-like { frodo }, Exception, message => /dies/;` 05:39
WINEPREFIX=~/Games/fifa19 setup_vkd3d_proton install 06:39
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el gatito (** advocate) is Int $n syntactic sugar for $n where Int? 09:21
Skarsnik hm good question, maybe not 09:22
m: sub foo(Int $a) { say $a.WHAT }; sub fooer($a where Int) {say $a.Int}; foo(32); fooer('40'); 09:23
Raku eval (Int) Exit code: 1 Constraint type check failed in binding to parameter '$a'; expected anonymous constraint to be met but got Str ("40") in sub fooer at main.raku line 1 in block <unit> at main.raku line 1
Skarsnik Not sure how to check this actually, maybe with a subtype of Int? and see if .WHAT is changed 09:25
Nemokosch it's definitely not sugar for that 10:45
el gatito (** advocate) but constrain $n to an Int 10:46
Nemokosch that would probably also have dispatch implications, khm-khm, it's hard to tell without actually knowing the dispatch process
my $foo where Int; dd $foo 10:49
m: my $foo where Int; dd $foo
Raku eval <anon $foo = <anon>
Nemokosch the container is different 10:50
gotcha, this should be telling enough... 10:52
m: my $foo where Int = 22; $foo.VAR.of.say;
Raku eval (<anon>)
Nemokosch versus 10:53
m: my Int $foo = 22; $foo.VAR.of.say;
Raku eval (Int)
el gatito (** advocate) real 11:02
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lizmat_ RakuIRCLogger 11:30
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el gatito (** advocate) so raku just create a subset of Mu with that constraint and check against it 11:40
Nemokosch substitute that Mu for Any
el gatito (** advocate) ah yes Any is the effective root of the class hierachy 11:41
i say effective because almost everything treats Any as the top 11:42
even though it is not 11:43
lizmat indeed. the difference between Mu and Any allows for auto-threading of Junctions 11:53
and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 14:42
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