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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Yeuph I figured everything out I was trying to do. Thanks for the help 02:07
I'm pretty impressed after my first day back with Raku in a year. It feels like it just does everything I could want it to do. I imagine it's going to be a joy to use when I'm more capable 02:09
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rf :) 04:17
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el gatito (** advocate) 11:34
why can't i import Super.raku
Nahita extension wrong 11:38
use lib "." needed
el gatito (** advocate) same problem ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /home/glot/main.raku Could not find Super in: inst#/home/glot/.raku inst#/nix/store/paigpapymi5rpv51zjnpv7xlgcym4752-rakudo-2022.02/share/perl6/site inst#/nix/store/paigpapymi5rpv51zjnpv7xlgcym4752-rakudo-2022.02/share/perl6/vendor inst#/nix/store/paigpapymi5rpv51zjnpv7xlgcym4752-rakudo-2022.02/share/perl6/core 11:43
ap# nqp# perl5# at /home/glot/main.raku:1
Nahita actually those were 2 things 11:45
did you do... what exactly?
Super.rakumod renaming, andthen use lib ".". in main.raku works, no? 11:46
use lib " ." comes before use Super
i get A.a called B.a called
el gatito (** advocate) ah 12:49
it worked
im working on a module (albeit a very simple one, less than 20 lines of code) 13:50
lizmat many modules are just a few lines of code, so don't worry about the size: it's how it can be used that matters :-) 13:56
el gatito (** advocate) bruh 14:04
> Marks a test as passed if $got and $expected compare positively with the eq operator 14:05
why stringify the result 😭
Nemokosch there are other tests as well 14:10 14:11
el gatito (** advocate) ik i don't know why is has to stringify 14:16
rather than just compare with eqv or === 14:18
Nemokosch no idea, man xD 14:19
el gatito (** advocate) maybe just a weird design decision
MasterDuke the api probably dates back to Perl 14:20
el gatito (** advocate) is the license field required if i already have the LICENSE file 14:24
the docs doesn't say anything about the license field of META6.json 14:32
i assume that it uses SPDX identifiers? 14:33
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 15:10
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