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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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deoac What is the keyboard shortcut to give focus to the search box on 00:10
Nemokosch is there such a keyboard shortcut? 00:19
I can't recall any keyboard shortcuts on the site but if you know one, that would help chase down where they might be defined 00:20
rf There should be 00:30
deoac: Press tab 5 times 00:31
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deoac Yeah, that works.  But there should be a dedicated keystroke shortcut, IMHO. 00:37
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shmup m: my $e = 'echo', '-n', 'hello'; $e.stdout.tap( -> $str { say $str; }); my $p = $e.start; await $p; 03:30
camelia hell
shmup why is here a \n before the o in hello?
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gfldex m: my $e = 'echo', '-n', 'hello'; $e.stdout.lines.tap( -> $str { say $str; }); my $p = $e.start; await $p; 08:14
camelia hello
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shmup ahh, i see. ty gfldex 14:26
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ToddAndMargo Question on the BEGIN routine.    If I put and "exit" in the BEGIN routine, will it just exit the routine or will it exit everything, including what is left to be compiled? 22:01
rf It will exit everything 22:14
exit is kills the program iirc
m: { BEGIN { say 123; exit 0; }; say 'yipeee'; } 22:15
camelia 123
ToddAndMargo thank you! 22:41
will it stop compiling?
rf Raku is not compiled 22:42
The program will stop when it sees exit, regardless of where it is
Nemokosch Raku is somewhat compiled - there is a precompilation step, that's how the "compile-time" terminology entered 22:47
But iirc it's only observable for modules for the time being 22:48
lizmat and installed scripts 22:49
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nHail Raku isn't compiled by default, but is there a full raku compiler? 23:41
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Nemokosch I think there might have been at some point but it was always rather experimental stuff 23:57