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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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el gatito (** advocate) it is compiled into moar bytecode 06:58
it is compiled by default 07:01
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habere-et-disper I need help with raku syntax highlighting. I've tried with pandoc/kate and with chroma, but both have issues: 08:30
What is the new doc site using ?
Thanks !
Nemokosch The old atom-perl6-highlighter 08:41
el gatito (** advocate) use the raku extension in vscode 08:44
habere-et-disper Thanks ! I'd like something that can do static render from the command-line if possible. 08:45
Nemokosch CIAvash created one to a highlighter written in Go, don't remember the name 08:47
Or was that Chroma? 😅 08:51
habere-et-disper I think that's chroma. Fast(!), but cannot make certain distinctions like between builtin types and routines. 08:53
Nemokosch Is the one used on the doc site better? 08:56
habere-et-disper I'm trying it now. 08:57
Nemokosch To be honest, I wouldn't bet my life on it 08:58
habere-et-disper Looks like I can export to html from Comma IDE which appears robust, but I can't see how to automate that from the interactive prompt. 09:00
el gatito (** advocate) why do i read your name as habere et diaper lol 09:08
habere-et-disper There's a character limit and it gets chopped. Actually habere-et-dispertire. X-P 09:10
Nemokosch yeah it was rather sussy for an infinitive :v 09:11
oh it's actually a cognative of Romanian despărți, makes easier to relate 09:13
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nHail roles are like Java interfaces? 16:36
Rog More like abstract classes 16:37
Nemokosch Kind of both, lol 16:43
they are mixins
Rog Yeah, I would caution against thinking of it in terms of analogies to Java 16:48
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nHail Well I'd caution against Java in general, that was just the first comparison that came to mind 17:02
rf I recently wrote a module that uses role's quite liberally if you want to use it as an example: 17:16
Rog 😆 as would I 17:31
nHail The oop model I know best is JS, but I had to use Java for a semester in high school and some of the bits stuck with me. 17:32
Nemokosch JS is based 17:33
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rf JS is actually one the only real "OOP" langauges outside of smalltalk 17:45
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Anton Antonov Monads-shmonads 19:12
@rf Why not (re-)use the forward feed operator? ( ==> ) 19:15
rf Didn't know that was a thing 19:16
Nemokosch also, not sure it's a real operator 19:17
could be just a compiler macro
rf Monads are my best friend, don't be mean ;-;
Anton Antonov @rf My monads are bigger friend to me! ( Than yours to you.) 19:23
Ideally, my previous statement is “nice” to monads, _but_mean to @rf in a monadic way. 19:25
nHail A monad is a monoid in the category of endofunctors 19:30
Nemokosch "repeat after me" 19:31
Anton Antonov Aha. Hence my prompting : “monads-shmonads.” 19:32
I sort explain what that means here: . 19:40
nHail this is also a 'good' introduction 19:43
rf God, I love category theory. 19:52
lakmatiol I remember there being a way to do perl for 1..9 -> $x {for 1..9 -> $y {} } in one for loop, but I can't get the syntax right 20:44
for 1..9 X 1..9 -> ($x, $y) {} seems to work 20:46
rf Hmm, I bet those both compile to the same thing, cool nontheless though 20:49
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Rog That's interesting because I would think you'd need to do [$x, $y] instead 22:19
because otherwise $x would end up as (1 1) and $y as (2 2) 22:20
Oh, the parens are actually destructuring, not delimiting the param list 22:21
I forgot parens aren't used for the arrow blocks
Nemokosch tbh this is kind of a shorthand for :($x, $y), if anything 22:38
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