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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
elcaro The only downside is using X doesn't maintain the structure, ie. The first snippet you posted would produce a 9-element list of 9-element lists, whereas the second will produce a single 81-element list 00:14
You could maintain structure with something like (1..9).map(* X 1..9) 00:19
depends what you need
Nemokosch I mean... what other purpose would "doing it in one for loop" serve 00:21
if you don't want to get the number of outcomes the nesting would produce, i.e the product 00:22
lakmatiol I was just iterating over a 2d grid and wanted to avoid a nesting level 01:09
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el gatito (** advocate) based and weaktypingpilled 02:39
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Guest10 Hey anyone here 15:39
rf o/ 15:40
Guest10 Wow
rf Wow?
Guest10 Didn't expected anybody tbh
First time using libera chat 15:41
rf This channel is fairly active, same with #raku
Guest10 So don't know much about here
Nemokosch what's up 15:42
Guest10 Just saw a video of an old guy white hairs praising Raku so I got curious n am going to learn it 15:43
lizmat does that old guy have a name ? which video?
just OOC
Guest10 Curtis poe 15:44
What 15:45
Just happened
lizmat I don't know? what happened?
rf Hmm, I watched that video too last year when I started learning Raku :^) 15:46
Guest10 #you have been marked as being away
rf That + Moritz book
Guest10 Book 🙂 which book
lizmat is still here
rf 15:47
Guest10 rf so after one year of experience
How is it so far ?
You njoying
rf No, I read that when I started 15:48
But I have quite a bit of programming experience already
It was good, I like his writing style and examples
Guest10 Any suggestions for this neophyte on where should I start 15:49
rf Are you brand new to programming?
Guest10 Yup
Blank like a black board 15:50
Or white board
rf Awesome, do you have Raku installed?
Guest10 Nope
lizmat Guest10: then maybe is something for you
"This aim of this book is not primarily to teach Raku, but instead to teach the art of programming, using the Raku language."
rf Was just about to link that, lizmat++ :) 15:51
Guest10 😸 *lucky
rf Oh, there's a free PDF too, neat! 15:52
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Guest1 hey guys how do you creat account here 16:02
and get password
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Sussysham ok all set 16:20
thanks for book guys 16:33
i will jump right into it
rf Take your time, programming is all about practice :)
Sussysham and get back to you if i got stuck somewhere 16:34
rf Yeah, that's what this channel is for !
Sussysham i will be in your care 16:35
see ya later 16:36
rf You're in the Raku communities care, not mine
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Yeuph hey guys, I'm trying to get a decent calculus module installed and I'm still not quite completely competent with the way these things interact/using linux in general 18:31
anyway I got zef installed and running
I'm thinking of trying this:
it says to use Proto to install it?
or does Raku have native ODE/PDE support? 18:32
I found that while searching
gfldex `zef install Math::Model` works just fine 18:35
Yeuph seems to have installed, thanks 18:50
gonna play around and see if it's working xD
Nemokosch Proto -> Ufo -> Panda -> Zef iirc
That must be ancient...
Yeuph if it calculuses then 🤷 18:51
Nemokosch 😂
Yeuph it works! 18:53
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nHail Is there a raku equivalent of python * or javascript ...? Like a way to do funcOf2Vars(@listof2items), and split the list into 2 args of the function 23:21
Nemokosch |
nHail Thanks 23:22
rf slip @args or |@args, slips rock 23:25
Nemokosch it can be tricky. If you want to flatten into a capture, @args.Slip won't work, for example 23:28
I'm only using | for that - that's the sigil of capture parameters anyway
rf What about *@args as a parameter 23:29
Nemokosch that's kind of the opposite thing, right?
rf Maybe? I'm not super familiar with Captures besides the fact they're the opposite of Signatures 23:31
Nemokosch one thing is sure, *@args is not a full capture, it's rather a placeholder inside a capture 23:33