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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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nHail my $iwctlproc = run 'iwctl station wlan0 show', :out; my $iwctlout = $iwctlproc.out.slurp: :close; say $iwctlout; I want a program that will get my current wifi network name. this should print the output of iwctl station wlan0 show, which contains the info I want, but instead it prints nothing. What might be wrong here? 20:18
Nemokosch there is no program called 'iwctl station wlan0 show' 20:20
if you no what I mean
Nahita probably need to send arguments to run separately
i'm not exactly sure why
Nemokosch if you are going to hardcode the whole shell input, you might use the qx[] quoting 20:21
which runs a shell and returns the output
nHail Huh. yeah that did work
Nemokosch run executes a program without invoking a complete shell, shell invokes a complete shell, and so does qx// but it fetches the output, much like $() or the backticks would in Shell 20:22
this also means the latter two take like a line of shell, while the former takes a list of arguments, starting with the program to execute 20:23
nHail Oh well you can just use run with the full command in <>, that's convenient 20:29
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