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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
pelevesque Is it possible to have an attribute alias? I have a class with the has UInt7 $.vol_note-on = 127; attribute and I would like to have an alias with $.vol and if used it would just assign to $.vol_note-on 02:29
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Nemokosch AttrX::Mooish probably gives you a declarative interface for that; other than that, I'd probably go for binding 06:23
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Sussysham so i was trying to install jupyter kernal 10:18
then dependencies issues
jupyter kernal requires 10:19
which then requires File::Find and File::which
but there is no::file which on 10:20
Nemokosch you are right but it does install nevertheless 10:22
lizmat there's 10:23
Nemokosch ah you were faster 10:24
Sussysham ok for some reason zef is !!!> Failed to update rea mirror: 10:29
lizmat wfm 10:31
Nemokosch for me as well
lizmat has been static (as in no new updates in the past 4 hours)
Nemokosch what version of zef? 10:32
Sussysham 0.18.0 10:34
Nemokosch heh, I'm stuck at 0.14.5 10:36
time to zef upgrade zef 10:37
works with 0.18.2 as well 10:39
I think you could also upgrade, there were some bugfixes 10:40
couldn't state that it would solve your issue but it shouldn't make things worse at least 😄 10:41
Sussysham I just want to cry man whenever i use zef it returns some issue
Fetching [FAIL]: from Aborting due to fetch failure:
(use --force-fetch to override) !!!> Failed upgrading all modules
🥹 10:42
Nemokosch XDD
what system?
Sussysham windows
yabobay oof 10:43
Nemokosch everything is possible on Windows...
for that matter, the update was meant to fix some Windows issues
what if it's the issue that was fixed that keeps you from doing the upgrade? xD 10:44
Sussysham can i manually delete and install zef
i will do that
Nemokosch cool, it can install itself 10:45
bootstrapping stronk
lizmat raku -I. bin/zef install .
when in the zef repo
that's because the actual installation logic actually lives in Rakudo itself 10:46
i don't like to keep whining but it is what it is 10:47
Nemokosch it's not listed on either
but anyway, it does exist and it should install
lizmat it's listed, but there is a "bug" in's ordering of results 10:48
Sussysham understandable
yabobay quotes why?
Nemokosch then the same bug appears on as well because that doesn't list it just as much
lizmat 10:49
Nemokosch okay... then it only doesn't appear on, damn 10:50
Sussysham persists 10:56
Nemokosch what's the output with verbose mode? 11:31
Sussysham don't know what is verbose mode 11:35
or whoes verbose mode?
Good Day everyone
Nemokosch zef 11:36
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verbose mode i'm verbose mode 14:57
lizmat hi 14:59
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