This channel is intended for people just starting with the Raku Programming Language ( Logs are available at
Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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snufkin `my %animals; while True { my $name = prompt "What is your animal called? "; exit unless $name; my $type = prompt "What kind of animal is $name? "; exit unless $type; if ($name and $type) { %animals.push($name => $type); } else { last; } } say "These are my favourite animals: "; for %animals -> $animal { say $animal.key ~ " (" ~ $animal.value ~")"; } I'm a 07:57
beginner to raku, I'm expecting the code after the while to run if the last in the else is hit in the while loop. However it just seems to exit the program. Any tips would be appreciated, tried also using return.
lakmatiol the exit unless $type would be the thing exiting the program, no? 08:15
snufkin What an idiot. Apologies for wasting everyone's time... 08:17
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lakmatiol no need to be so harsh, we're here by choice. 09:45
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Anton Antonov @lakmatiol Most of us. I was forced to be her by the historical necessity. 11:27
lizmat here here ! :-) 11:32
Anton Antonov 🙂 🙂 11:58
Freudian slips by me do not count, because English is my third language... 11:59
lizmat I guess I have an advantage then, as it is only my second 12:00
Anton Antonov @lizmat Is your native language Germanic? (That is another element in my excuse ... ) 12:02
lizmat I guess Dutch is, although not many Dutch people will admit to that :-) 12:03
Anton Antonov Well, English is "fringe" Germanic. But my hearing (parsing) of English rapidly improved after I started studying German. 12:04
Which package / module should I use for encoding HTTP(s) requests : "URI" or "URI::Encode" ? (Say, in "WWW::OpenAI"...) 12:11
lizmat I truly have no idea
Anton Antonov Damn -- I have to experiment... 🙂 12:13
@lizmat Since you are here I am curious -- are there any Perl-to-Raku (re-)programmers for hire? Where and how can I find them? 12:22
lizmat well, I don't know about anybody else, but I have done quite a lot of that (many of the modules in 12:24
and I could be for hire :-) 12:25
Anton Antonov @lizmat Great! I will make a list (with links and explanations) and contact you. (This weekend.) 12:29
lizmat looking forward to it... although I won't be much online on Sun 12:30
Anton Antonov I will keep it mind.
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Mediocre my first raku program 🥹 19:06
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chicken good job 19:23
Mediocre thank you 19:25
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lucs ^Z ? Hmm... 20:33
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Nemokosch ctrl+z, right? 20:34
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lucs I'd have though ^D. 20:57
^Z: suspend (resume with 'fg'); ^D: end of input stream (so, quits program) 20:59
Nemokosch but that was Windows if I'm not wrong
lucs Oooh, Windows. 21:00
Nemokosch and Windows likes to be weird
lucs Okay, carry on 🙂
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