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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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habere-et-disper [Documentation] 404 On page: 09:50
To the reference of extended identifier syntax:
Nemokosch do you know any syntax page that isn't 404? 09:52
habere-et-disper It's not clear that in the REPL created operators do not last beyond the current input line. 09:53
Nemokosch I think it follows from the way the REPL work. It just calls EVAL. I guess that cannot do anything to influence the parsing 09:54
the funny thing is that use nqp also doesn't last beyond the current input line 09:57
habere-et-disper I didn't know it did an EVAL. Makes sense now. Thanks. 09:58
( Perhaps the doc page for snitch could have an example with use v6.e.PREVIEW which is needed for this to work. I was trying all sorts of use experimental snitch, etc until I figured it out. ) 10:01
Nemokosch I thought it said that one needed v6.e 10:09
habere-et-disper It does, but the examples don't show how to enable that currently since v6.e isn't out. 10:14
Nemokosch 10:18
perhaps it would be good to raise awareness about this 10:19
I checked and apparently what the REPL does is not quite the same as what EVAL does. Both turn to the compiler but in different ways; perhaps the REPL is more "intrusive" than a bare EVAL 10:23
habere-et-disper That pragma page is helpful, but we still have to infer "use v6.e.PREVIEW" since it is not explicitly mentioned. It is helpful to know how to turn on snip, snitch, etc. 10:31
Nemokosch My concern is that those would all turn outdated, once v6.e is out. I personally don't think that's a good reason to have to make a lot of changes 10:33
v6.d.PREVIEW is written down - would it help if it said v6.e.PREVIEW? 10:34
habere-et-disper No harm in adding it for completeness sake? 10:40
snufkin Are you on Windows? 12:04
Mediocre yes 12:35
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snufkin /dev/null doesn't exist on windows, I think it can be replaced by just NUL 16:41
Mediocre mmm okay i will try soon thank you ^^ 17:12
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