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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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deoac Is there a way to automatically generate a table of contents for POD6 code? 18:44
Nemokosch I'd check around finanalyst's work 18:49
Anton Antonov @deoac I am not sure I can help with your question, but I will consider optionally generating TOC for Pod6 in "Markdown::Grammar". 19:17
deoac Thank you both! 20:47
Is there a convention for creating/naming/running a smoke test?
Anton Antonov @deoac Use Gherkin. 20:51
Ok, that was a shameless advertisement. 20:52
@deoac Within the Raku ecosystem I only use the module "Test" -- or file generating test files "Test" expects. Smoke tests -- can be put in the directories "t/" or "xt/" of a module. 20:56
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