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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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habere-et-disper Is this expected behaviour ? I was expecting the comment to not be included in the array? 07:54
my @foo = <
# Hello, World !
    1 2 3
say @foo
[# Hello, World ! 1 2 3]
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lizmat m: say "# Hello World" 08:27
camelia # Hello World
lizmat < > is basically a single string with a processor to split on whitespace 08:28
so yes, any comments inside a string *will* occur in the string
habere-et-disper Thanks. :) 08:29
lizmat m: dd < a b c > 08:30
camelia ("a", "b", "c")
lizmat m: dd ' a b c '.words.List 08:31
camelia ("a", "b", "c")
lizmat < > is just syntactic sugar
Nemokosch actually, <> and words don't behave the same way with non-breaking space, and it would be good to know what the intention is 09:01 09:02
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lizmat And yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 10:26
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falsifian m: my @x = (<0 1>, <a b>); zip @x 21:15
camelia WARNINGS for <tmp>:
Useless use of "zip @x" in expression "zip @x" in sink context (line 1)
falsifian m: my @x = (<0 1>, <a b>); say zip @x
camelia (((0 1) (a b)))
falsifian Testing for bug report 21:16
Nemokosch heh, don't say this is also bad 😅 21:18
falsifian Filed . I brought it up here March 7; not sure if it counts as a bug or not 21:19
Nemokosch I have spent quite a couple of hours on the other one today
hit my limits but at least I think I know what the cause was 21:20
falsifian Which other one?
Nemokosch the one with the operators &&, ||, and 21:21
also // it turns out
falsifian Right; I thought of the zip one because of the comments on the gh issue
Are you 2colours on gh? 21:22
Nemokosch positive 21:24
falsifian Well, thanks for digging into it. Maybe one of these days I'll start fixing the bugs instead of just finding them :) 21:26
Nemokosch my particular problem is that I feel there needs to be some sort of decision 21:35
because there is a clear contradiction between the supposed list associativity and the way arguments are handled
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isn't the zip thing just because of the containers? 22:08
m: $(<a b>) Z $(0, 1) 22:09
Raku eval WARNINGS for /home/glot/main.raku: Useless use of "Z" in expression "$(<a b>) Z $(0, 1)" in sink context (line 1)
Nemokosch oops
m: say $(<a b>) Z $(0, 1)
Raku eval (((a b) (0 1)))
falsifian Do you mean that's the reason it's happening, or that it should happen because of that? 22:13
zip uses a single-argument-rule slurpy, and is documented as doing so. Single-argument-rule slurpies do unpack an array if it's the single argument, which would lead me to expect zip(@x) to do what I want 22:15
m: sub f(+@a) { say @a.elems }; my @x=<a b c>; f(@x); 22:16
camelia 3
Manifest0 How can i use the %?RESOURCES variable?
Nemokosch in modules of distribution
is there any reason this question got so popular lately, what brought it to your attention? 22:17
Manifest0 sorry i had the question typed since afternoon... and i wanted to press ctrl-k to delete it. Instead i pressed ctrl-j :-|
i made the question via email, cause it was easier to output the tree command. 22:18
Sorry for the noise
falsifian Well I learned something new because of your question :)
Manifest0 falsifian: :-) 22:19
Nemokosch it feels like this was the third or fourth question of this sort within like 2 days so it makes one wonder
but yeah, distribution-related compile-time variables are only set in modules; I wonder if precompilation is also required for them to work 22:20
i.e would they still work with no precompilation; set?
Manifest0 i can test it. How do i disable the precompilation? 22:21
Nemokosch with that line of code 22:23
you can just add it somewhere at the beginning I guess
Manifest0 do you mean outside of a function? 22:27
it runs outside a function and also inside a INIT block 22:29
Nemokosch with no precompilation; added? 22:31
I mean I sure hope it doesn't downright require precompilation to work 😄 but wouldn't be sure
Manifest0 i don't know... This was the code i used: 22:36
Nemokosch well... you could just put no compilation; in front? 😄 22:37
that's literally the pragma
Manifest0 oh. let me try 22:38
Still works 22:39
Nemokosch nice
then that's probably it. It works within modules of a distribution 22:40
falsifian: back to the zip 22:58
what you have there is indeed a single argument slurpy and the top layer is not the problem 22:59
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the problem is that this array looks like (A, B) 22:59
where A and B are items
the problem is with A and B - they have containers 23:00
zip([<a b>, <1 2>]) is meant to be identical with $(<a b>) Z $(<1 2>) - as you can say, it expands nicely to two arguments, that's not the problem 23:02
the containers are
s / say / see
falsifian I'm a but fuzzy on containers, but I don't see why an argument being a container should matter here, when in many other situations it's transparent. 23:16
m: my @x = (<0 1>, <a b>); say [Z] @x 23:17
camelia ((0 a) (1 b))
falsifian Also, isn't that ^ inconsistent with zip either way?
To be clear I'm arguing about what I want to happen. No clue about what's actually happening.
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Nemokosch m: my @x = (<0 1>, <a b>); say [~] @x; 23:19
Raku eval 0 1a b
Nemokosch as you can see, the reduction itself also takes containers into account
on the other hand, [Z] does actually omit the containers, lol 23:26
falsifian What does the ~ example show? Output is the same as $(<0 1>) ~ $(<a b>) or just <0 1> ~ <a b> 23:36
Nemokosch yes, fair enough... I tripped myself up big time 23:37
still I think eventually it should work the same way as @x[0] Z @x[1] ; both should actually 23:41
it would be good to know why anybody thought acting upon containerisation for Z and X was a good idea 23:45
falsifian Just saw your explanation on gh #5247; thanks. I guess it is all consistent, in an annoying way. 23:54
Nemokosch it irks me that [Z] does "the right thing", though, like apparently somebody did think of that a long long time ago 23:56
to be honest, all this could be made consistent but that would require a level of collaboration that wasn't prevalent for many years
hasn't been, rather 23:57
falsifian The Perl and Raku conference is in my hometown this year. Maybe I should crash it in order to badger people about this. 23:59