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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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orylesor Hi. Call me Teresa. (she/her) 08:30
I searched for "customize raku repl", but nothing turned up, not even a clue, unfortunately. One concrete example: How to change the prompt to simply "> "?
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Nemokosch I don't think anybody seriously considered doing stuff like that 09:28
orylesor I have a serious reason for it, but I can agree to do it for whimsical reasons. 09:33
lizmat orylesor: you currently can't 09:44
the code is in method interactive_prompt in src/core.c/REPL.pM6
line 399 09:45
orylesor I just pulled it off with Linenoise, I'm just not sure how to make it permanent. (The official documentation is silent on that.) 09:46
Nemokosch Perhaps it's not that official 09:49
orylesor Nemokosch: Can you give me the Linenoise community IRC? 09:51
lizmat # orylesor 09:54
orylesor It's above my paygrade, but thanks! /gen 09:55
I'd like to mention that maybe we should do something about this passive-aggressive stuff. Not thinking ban, but an article or PSA or something like that. Not only it made me feel unwelcome, but turned up my anxiety to 11. Yes, feeling like I've been chased by a tiger just because someone was passive-aggressive is silly, but it's totally avoidable. 10:04
This is not very -Ofun.
I experienced this on other IRC channels too, I just figured this time I'd give feedback instead of leaving immediately, because I like this project, it seems fun, and cool.
I don't have concrete evidence, but I'm sure people have turned away from programming altogether because of stuff like this. I certainly won't because it's important to me, but it's certainly something to think about.
Nemokosch Is there a Linenoise community IRC? 10:25
orylesor I don't think, I just wanted to return the sass. 10:33
Nemokosch what does that mean?
orylesor So for example: why did you say "perhaps it's not that official", instead of something like "we're mainly interested in the core language, not the libraries", or whatever else. 10:35
Nemokosch I think the latter is worse, besides not meaning the same thing. I say '"perhaps" because I say my opinion/knowledge, not something axiomatically right. 10:44
orylesor Never mind, I don't engage with sealions. 10:45
Nemokosch You could just say: I stay silent ^^
lizmat Nemokosch consider this an official warning (again!) 10:47
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Nemokosch pretty please, side with me on occasions bordering trolling at least, or else you really just prove that it's a personal edge 10:58
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orylesor Btw the REPL prompt thing is about ADHD. /neu Unfortunately mine is so bad that even those 4 extra characters (like [0]_) matter. I just figured I'd mention, maybe it's interesting to know. 11:03
lizmat i completely understand: I live with someone with severe ADHD 11:05
the thing is that that [0]_ feature got recently added because people wanted to be able to backreference previous results 11:06
so I'm afraid there is no other way at the moment, apart from locally applying that patch and build locally 11:07
I once visited some Americans living in NL, and they had this black tape attached to the bottom of their TV 11:12
the subtitles (just about everything is subtitled on Dutch TV) were too distracting :-)
orylesor I see, that feature seems clever though. 11:14
That's a good example! Though, interestingly I love subtitles with movies. It's probably because it helps with the auditory sensory thing. I'm autistic too. 11:15
I only now noticed that *you* made that patch... for me? :O
lizmat seemed like a good thing to do :-) 11:28
it's only a one line change 11:29
orylesor Very kind, thank you. 11:30
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orylesor Linenoise has this configuration code snippet: `use Linenoise; while (my $line = linenoise '> ').defined { say "hello"; }` This turns my prompt into "> ", but it also results in literally everything without exception evaluating to "hello". I looked into an eval sort of function to replace that print function, but I'm just not at a level where I'd 12:57
understand Raku documentation. (I actually found it, and it doesn't even appear to be a function? I will need to learn much-much more to understand.)
I just figured I'd give this one more try before I'd compile my own build. Though, honestly I'm not sure if I want to do that at all, not to be ungrateful.
lizmat no worries 12:58
orylesor :) 12:59
I used MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL, but it still doesn't allow `EVAL(*%_)`. (I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.) 13:07
lizmat well, what is the error message? Do you have a golf? can you post a golf for people to look at 13:08
orylesor Is that a Pastebin-like service? 13:12
Anton Antonov @Nemokosch Please, do not change your communicating style here. (Although, that occasionally ruins my dietary goals with too much 🍿 .) 13:13
lizmat orylesor: we don't have a dedicated pastebin service: personally I use 13:16
orylesor Then what is golf?
Nemokosch golf is a minimal example illustrating the problem 13:17
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orylesor It looks like /mute is an admin-only thing, and trying to figure out how to hide messages turned up absolutely nothing. Is there a way to hide messages, lizmat? I'm using Btw good job Anton for enabling this behavior, and yourself being a douchenozzle as well. 13:26
lizmat is distracted by
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Anton Antonov @lizmat Thanks for reminding me! (I might be able to see it outside.) 13:30
(Well, that was in TX, not in FL....) 13:41
lizmat it experienced rud (aka Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly) 13:45
Anton Antonov I am more motivated to do integration tests now. 13:46
lizmat orylesor: I'm using Textual (a MacOS app) myself, so I'm not sure 13:47
going afk now (that's "away from keyboard")
orylesor lizmat:If that event was more important to you, that's your prerogative. I genuinely can't believe this. But you know what?! Jokes on me. I was treated like shit on #asm and #vim too. I already figured that IRC probably should be avoided altogether, so I shouldn't have kept visiting IRC channels. 13:59
And just keep doing this. Keep ignoring this kind of crap because "it's too easy to ignore after repeated exposure" or whatever, also please, god forbid that douchenozzle gets reprimanded, because he's a genius, so he's an asset.
Unfortunately I have no idea what to do after all this. And it's not just about these shit IRC channels, but also RMS, Linus... these pieces of shit are everywhere. And while they and y'all don't realize that people and code are intertwined and inseparable, I do realize that. So there's no "I only care about the code". If you don't care about
people, the code will suffer too. So I don't know what to do, since programming was important to me. But I'd much rather stay the hell away from people altogether, and coding doesn't make much sense without people. In fact, nothing makes much sense without sharing it with others. And this is not even ideological, I actually feel when this happens.
So alas, it's a deeply ingrained human need. But still, if I need to stay away from people to avoid this, I will, and then suffer from isolation.
lizmat, you told me to tell you if I won't come back because of them. Here it is! I won't ever come back because of them, and because of you too. If the leaders don't do enough, what could I possibly hope to do.
I might mess around with Raku on my own, but I *guarantee* that I won't contribute to the project in any way, nor I will contribute to any other open source project thanks to all these Linus Torvalds types.
Good job, hope y'all proud of yourselves. (Not for just "inconveniencing" me, but making this a shittier environment for everyone else as well.)
And she just kept chatting with the person who stated minutes ago that he enjoys watching douchenozzles treating people like shit. Not even a tsk-tsk, or anything. I'm not exactly demanding to ban people, just to fucking notice it at least. So that it would at least REGISTER. This was most definitely enough for me.
I absolutely loathe this indifference. I loathe people. I loathe existence.
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Nemokosch ^^ these people are the Enemy 14:03
lowkey hoping that it was "just" trolling 14:04
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Anton Antonov I think orylessor sounds like an alpha test of sort of a trolling chatbot (ChatGPT or Bard based.) 14:44
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lizmat I've decided to kick and ban the discord-bot from #raku-beginner for now 18:47
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