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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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shmup that was insufferable. 01:31
Teressa very inappropritely targetted Nemokosch who did nothing so harmfully "psasive aggressive", creating a whole Mood in here, only to again get him an "official warning". it's kinda lol if anyone just reads scrollback with any criticial reading 01:37
that's all ~ carry on cheerio
falsifian I've been reading the scrollback from 08:30 UTC and am really confused. 01:38
shmup lol 01:39
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habere-et-disper What's the story with int32 -- I can't find it in the docs? 09:29
> (int32).WHAT
> int32.^methods
No such method 'methods' for invocant of type
  in block <unit> at <unknown file> line 1
> my int32 $foo;
> say $foo;
Bytecode validation error at offset 170, instruction 24:
operand type 32 does not match register type 24 for op getlex_ni in frame <unit>
lizmat the last one is an artefact of the REPL 09:30
m: my int32 $foo; say $foo
camelia 0
lizmat also: if you do that in the REPL on a single line, it'll work
habere-et-disper Yeah -- I noticed that!
lizmat also: native ints aren't really objects, they just pretend to be
m: int32.^methods 09:31
camelia No such method 'methods' for invocant of type
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
lizmat I'd say that's an LTA error
there should probably be an issue of that if there isn't already 09:32
habere-et-disper The first row on my keyboard switches on and off sometimes, so I often get to see the suggestions from typos. The only typo that seemed missing was a suggestion for 'say' from 'sa'. 09:36
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rcmlz I am trying to estimate the effort of implementing syntax-highlighting for Raku in Prism. Prism is used in e.g. Obsidian. There is a Perl-definition as starting point. - 156 lines of JS code. Reading it I sort of understand the definition for Perl. Would this same definition work 16:48
more or less also for Raku? Is there a way to generate the input for the line 150 "keyword" automatically, as I suspect that there a quite a few new keywords in Raku compared to Perl? Thank you for your thoughts.
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