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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Anton Antonov Is it a good idea a module with a certain name, say "WWW::OpenAI", to provide "plugins" for other modules? (With very different namespaces.) 11:33
For example, I consider making a plugin for "Text::CodeProcessing" that "automatically" evaluates "OpenAI" cells, named "Text::CodeProcessing::OpenAI". But instead of having a separate module-repository, I would like to add that plugin in ""WWW::OpenAI".
Nemokosch please don't forget that dependencies are modules, not distributions (my opinion aside), and that naming distributions after modules might be a bad practice overall (supposedly they should have "portable", file system friendly names) 11:41
Since dependencies are modules, I don't think it really matters where you add a certain module, as long as a distribution "provides" it. The only thing that might really affect your decision at the moment is that dependency resolution takes the metadata of the distribution into account, so the versioning of your module will probably be affected by the versioning of the distribution itself, and hence 11:44
everything else that resides in that distribution.
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Anton Antonov @Nemokosch Thank you for your detailed response! I remember seeing and reading your messages on distribution subject(s). Apparently, I forgot the "main morals" from them. 12:01
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rcmlz @Anton Antonov I did a bit of research on JupyterLabs Raku syntax highlighting - it is apparently based on codemirror and in order to get Raku highlighting the Codemirror project expects someone to create a npm package based on this template and publish it to npm, so it can be independently installed and maintained from codemirror itself. Looking again at existing 14:26
languages definitions I conclude they use Grammars and not RegExes as is PrismJS. Perhaps I will give it a whirle ...
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 17:43
gfldex m: sub mode(:$a, :$b) { „{'ro' if $a}{',z' if $b}“ }; dd mode(:a, :!b); dd mode(:a, :b); dd mode(); 21:09
camelia "ro"
gfldex avuserow: ^^^ I knew this was a simple problem. It was just difficult to solve. :->
ohh, there is something missing 21:10
m: sub mode(:$a, :$b) { „{':ro' if $a}{',z' if $b}“ }; dd mode(:a, :!b); dd mode(:a, :b); dd mode(); 21:12
camelia ":ro"
gfldex there we go
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gfldex m: sub mode(*%h (:$a, :$b)) { %h.&{ .all, .any, .none}».so.say; }; dd mode(:a, :!b); dd mode(:a, :b); dd mode(); 21:23
camelia (True True False)
(True True False)
(True False True)
gfldex Now that is cool. By using a subsignature I can reason with Junctions about the named arguments of a sub. 21:24
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