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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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rcmlz Question to Comma IDE: Situation: I have a "local playground" project in Comma, where I keep track of the dependencies in a META6.json Every time I upgrade my Raku (using rakubrew) I install all dependencies using zef manually. However, in the settings of all projects I see the option "Project Packet Manager", which I point to "zef" in e.g. 07:52
/Users/rcmlz/.rakubrew/versions/moar-2023.04/share/perl6/site/bin/zef Problem: I can not find the button in Comma that installs all dependencies I list in META6.json. How do I make Comma use the information in the META6.json of a local project to install all the dependencies automatically? Thank you.
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I have written an email to - perhaps they know the solution and can help. I will let you know if there is one ... 08:02
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Ups, I did not follow the good old "did you switch in on/off-advice" before posting here. After restarting Comma there is a pop-up asking if I like to install the missing dependencies. 08:51
lizmat *phew* :-) 08:52
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habere-et-disper Are `not $foo %% $bar` and `$foo !%% $bar` equivalent enough that I'm not going to run into trouble using either? 13:38
Aside: I got some more dependency issues compiling 2023-04. Does it warrant another issue? 13:41
CIAvash: is it doable to have chroma handle greater granularity with raku's hyper operator? I'm finding ligation is an issue with it. See: 13:46
Anton Antonov Good to know. I have to say I am not familiar with the text/code highlighting frameworks. 14:00
habere-et-disper @Anton Antonov: I've found chroma to have the best raku support. 14:04
Anton Antonov Just highlighting? 14:08
habere-et-disper Yes - syntax highlighting 14:13
Anton Antonov Meh. 🙂
Ok, I will try to see can I incorporate it in the exports of "Markdown::Grammar". 14:14
From that perspective, JavaScript highlighters are prefrable.
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Nemokosch what data format does Chroma even use? 14:31
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habere-et-disper I think ask CIAvash. Output appears to be: json, html & svg 14:33
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Anton Antonov I assumed -- or read -- that HTML is the output. Hence, in principle, it can be a plug-in for "Markdown::Actions::HTML". 14:54
habere-et-disper The HTML output appears most flexible as you get custom stylesheets which can be modified to suit. 14:58
(Latex output appears under consideration. ) 14:59
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Nemokosch I'm more interested in the input, as in, how do you define the grammar 15:02
habere-et-disper Chrom'a raku lexer is in go 15:04
Nemokosch well well, that's the opposite of portable then 15:29
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