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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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lizmat PSA: there will not be a Rakudo Weekly this week 09:37
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Ad Meliora Any possibility of making raku projects self contained or not ? 15:18
lizmat there has been a GSoC project to do just that, but it never got further than a Proof of Concept :-( 15:20
librasteve @deoac - there is more to the story on my class vs class ... the best quite long explanation is here 16:35
# This class that ends up in GLOBAL... class Cro::HTTP::Client { # Lexically scoped classes, which are marked `my` and thus hidden # implementation details. This means I can refactor them however I # want, and never have to worry about downstream fallout! my class HTTP1Pipeline { # Implementation... } my class HTTP2Pipeline { # Implementation... } #
Implementation... }
^^^ this is the crux of the explanation
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avuserow I'm using docker to package up a raku-based project and it is self contained. This doesn't work for many other projects but works well for a REST API over HTTP. 16:38
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Ad Meliora That's a bummer 21:40
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