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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Ad Meliora SO pretty much no other option ? 18:35
Unless i'll do some embedding shenanigans ig there is no way
avuserow What kind of project do you have and what kind of environment are you trying to run it in? 18:43
I'm a bit of an optimist in this regard. This approach was not really available 10+ years ago so it's an improvement across the board. And there's a lot less demand for desktop applications these days due to the browser continuing to eat the world 18:44
Ad Meliora I want to make simple shell, but it would be nice to have it standalone
Nemokosch shell itself is not standalone if you think about it 😛 18:45
Ad Meliora I mean you're not wrong haha
Also you could argue that modern webbrowsers are more closer to be small operating systems 18:47
avuserow I would agree with that.
At the least, they're application runtimes.
Nemokosch okay but let's be fair: realistically, you cannot run Raku in he browser
Ad Meliora well
avuserow No, but you can run a backend service running in raku, and connect from a browser. 18:48
Ad Meliora all depends on time and skills
I love raku
yeah Cro lib comes to mind
avuserow I do wonder how hard it would be to make a C program and pack MoarVM/nqp/rakudo and your app. We have a Perl 5 module that embeds Raku, why not standalone. 18:50
That said, I know it's all in the details about being able to package your dependent modules, run on different OSes, etc
Ad Meliora i'm actually pondering about shoving whole rakudo inside of C++
isn't impossible, but deffo pain
might as well not be worth the hassle 18:51
avuserow Depends on your goals.
Ad Meliora I mean yeah, i'm just hobbyist so it would probs be outside of my scope anyways 18:52
avuserow Okay, alternate idea: jvm backend, put all the dependents in a jar, use whatever java strategies to make that runnable
Nemokosch the so-called "jvm backend" is also not standalone, mind you 18:53
Ad Meliora haven't tried JVM back yet 18:54
Nemokosch it's not much different from MoarVM, except with a misleading name
Ad Meliora dang
avuserow Hmm. It's been years since I used the jvm backend for much, and even more years since I wrote useful java, but can't you basically get it to java -jar literallyEverythingInOneFile.jar?
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Nemokosch I don't know about that; my point is that you need to ship the runtime some way, and I don't mean the Java runtime 18:55
Ad Meliora yeaha that's the issue
You need to ship the whole runtime
Nemokosch it's really the same situation as with MoarVM
Ad Meliora python have freeze
lua can be shoved everywhere 18:56
avuserow If freeze is good enough, then just use a docker image and a strategy like whalebrew:
Ad Meliora okay this is getting more interesting now 18:57
avuserow I'm biased, and I worked with the folks who made that experiment, but it's viable. Definitely easier than writing your own packer/unpacker
Ad Meliora yeah
avuserow Yes, you then require docker. But I assume that the goal isn't "fully standalone" but rather "small set of dependencies that makes it easy to install and keep contained" 18:58
Ad Meliora yeah that sounds about right 18:59
avuserow If you truly want fully standalone, you'd want "actually portable executables"
Or a Linux Live USB image. 19:00
Ad Meliora oh my god
that is so cool and cursed at the same time
thank you for your contribution
avuserow Or an OVA file for VMware, virtual box, hyper-v, etc. But that doesn't sound like your domain 19:02
I'm starting to question my career choices, due to the fact that I know about all these things and have used about half in production
Ad Meliora Hey it's never too late to pursue what do you trully enjoy 19:03
for example i know that without any former education i can't get any job in industry. but i'm trying to penetrate through(no pun intended) 19:04
avuserow I actually like this stuff. I probably should question my sanity instead 🙃
Ad Meliora oof
avuserow I should blog about whalebrew and raku, or something along those lines. 19:05
Ad Meliora Yeah you should 19:07
I mean in general you seem very knowledable. Would be sad if that wouldn't be passed further along
avuserow Thanks, that's quite the compliment. I'll see what I can do before the next Raku weekly. 19:09
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SmokeMachine Nemokosch: Raku running on browser: 23:34