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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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Nemokosch It just says "loading" until eventually the webview collapses... 06:23
Ad Meliora works for me 07:39
it's super basic todo list
Nemokosch a permanent "loading" screen is super basic indeed 😛 07:40
at least it doesn't crash on PC but it doesn't load either
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SmokeMachine It takes so long because it’s being compiled on browser… and that’s also very old… here it is: 14:03
Nemokosch > <script type="text/perl6"> 14:04
SmokeMachine But it could also be compiled before sent to the browser… 14:08
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Anton Antonov @SmokeMachine Thanks for making "Test::Time" ! ( 15:17
SmokeMachine :) I didn’t remember that! :) but I’m glad you like it 15:19
Anton Antonov @SmokeMachine It was a crucial ingredient in convincing a client that a certain time interval specs paser-interpreter produces expected results. (E.g. based on a certain "trusted" battery of tests.) 15:24
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librasteve @SmokeMachine - this MemoizedDOM looks quite nice - but I can't quite figure out what is running where ... is this raku running in the browser? Where is the VM? How does it get installed? 18:55
SmokeMachine The Raku is being compiled and is running in the browser… 19:14
If you open the code in the browser you’ll see the Raku code there 19:15
It’s using this 19:18
That uses rakudo.js and the script from 6pad 19:22
But it also works pre-compiled (if I remember it well) using parcel with something like this: 19:25
librasteve: 👆
I should play with that again… 19:27
librasteve ^^++ that's a great explanation - tx! 21:28