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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
_elcaro_ I always thought min and max on a Range was similar to Range.bounds. I'm also reminded of a time I was dealing with ranges where I had to do something along the lines of... my ($min, $max) = (.min + .excludes-min, .max - .excludes-max) given $range 00:57
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nemokosch I think if Ranges are conceptually continuous (which they seem to be - nothing special about integer bounds), the only sane choice is to report the bounds back 00:58
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bbrtj does raku have the same problem? 07:58
nemokosch I don't know if I miss something important or this is really just a description of a usual garbage collected environment 08:37
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librasteve bbrtj: good question ... I note that there is a test operator for this , so you could experiment by making a mega hash, going out of lexical scope and then calling that 11:44
my guess is that raku GC will apply to all raku objects and that a Hash is an object like any other (but I would defer to someone who knows the facts) 11:45
I agree - this is what .bounds does 11:48
Should minmax do the same as bounds - well I think the current minmax handles excluded ends in the expected way and fails if not is-int 11:50
m: say (2..^9).minmax 11:51
Raku eval (2 8)
librasteve m: say (2..^9.3).minmax
Raku eval Exit code: 1 Cannot return minmax on Range with excluded ends in block <unit> at main.raku line 1
librasteve m: say (2..^9.3).bounds
Raku eval (2 9.3)
librasteve So I would say that the right thing is to make min and max follow the same logic as minmax 11:52
lizmat which is what does, right ? 12:32
habere-et-disper Is something blocking the 2023.06 star release ? 13:01
This link points to 2023.05-01 still :
lizmat I thought the Star release was already done? 13:03
suggest making an issue so we can figure out where it went wrong
habere-et-disper 👍 13:04
Done. 13:12
lizmat habere-et-disper++ 13:13
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librasteve nope 16:31
m: say minmax (2..^9)
Raku eval 2..8
librasteve m: say max (2..^9) 16:32
Raku eval 8
librasteve m: say minmax (2..^9.3)
Raku eval 2..9
librasteve m: say (2..^9.3).minmax 16:33
Raku eval Exit code: 1 Cannot return minmax on Range with excluded ends in block <unit> at main.raku line 1
librasteve weird, the sub version of minmax ought to fail 16:34
m: say max (2..^9.3)
Raku eval 9
librasteve m: say (2..^9.3).max 16:35
Raku eval 9.3
librasteve and both the above max should fail imo
anywho - I will try to take this thread over to the PR comment... 16:38
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