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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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nemokosch deoac: very regrettably, one doesn't install modules for Raku (same for Perl) - one always has to install a so-called distribution that happens to provide that module 08:16
you probably wanted to install 08:18
but zef preferred 08:20
this essentially forces you to always discriminate the module using the auth field 08:22
Pod::To::HTML:auth<github:Raku> is clear 08:23
this is the reason the Pod::To::HTML module of raku-pod-render got eventually renamed to Pod::To::HTML2 but the damage couldn't be undone 08:24
anyway, a modern version of raku-pod-render is quite possibly better than the old Pod::To:HTML
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deoac @nemokosch  Thank you, that was very clear. 14:59
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