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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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nhail How can I use run to "fire and forget" a process? I don't want to capture any output or anything, I just need it to start the process. Also note the process is something that stays running in the background, normally when launching it in CLI I would use & disown 17:05
antononcube @nhail I think you are looking for the functionalities provided by: - shell : - run : - Proc : 17:09
nhail I've been reading run, let me look in the others real quick 17:10
antononcube @nhail Sorry, I misread this fragment : "Also note the process is something that stays running in the background [...]" -- you should use Proc. 17:11
nhail Okay, thanks
For context, this is starting mpv with the IPC server open 17:12
antononcube @nhail Sorry -- I have more say. 🙂 I use(d) Proc to do "fire and forget" in this package :
Ok, then pointing out "Proc::ZMQed" is relevant. 17:13
See the lines with in: 17:15
nhail Solved. 17:21<mpv --idle --input-ipc-server=/tmp/mpvsocket>).start;
Thanks for the links 17:22
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