This channel is intended for people just starting with the Raku Programming Language ( Logs are available at
Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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tanto_grs i have a simple question: does it make sense to run old perl5 scripts with inline::perl, or to go all the way to raku and rewrite the scripts? 18:21
because, i don´t get it install on windows 10 with straberry perl 18:22
lizmat why would you want to change old perl5 scripts? 18:29
that's the question you should be asking yourself
nemokosch to make them new 😎 😛 18:33
tanto_grs i know, i can run the old scripts with strawberry perl on windows, ok, but if i want to use and learn raku, it's a good idea to rewrite the scripts? 18:35
nemokosch @tanto_grs watch out, good sir, you only have 2 "super emojis" like that, use them carefully
or better said, sparingly
tanto_grs thx @nemokosch
nemokosch it's an obscure-ish Discord Nitro feature 18:36
tanto_grs yeah, i see, a lot of things in discord is now an nitro feature 18:37
lizmat if the goal is to learn Raku, then running them with Inline::Perl5 will not achieve that goal 18:39
nemokosch to be completely honest, I don't know many Inline::Perl5 users 18:40
and compared to that, I have seen desperate questions and complaints
multiple times
tanto_grs thx, than i know, what i have to do @Raku bridge <lizmat>
nemokosch so Inline::Perl5 users, it's your time to shine ^^
tanto_grs 18:42
i will show my old scripts and rewrite it to raku
librasteve imo this is way too negative on Inline::Perl5 19:32
use Test::More:from<Perl5>; plan tests => 1; ok 'yes', 'looks like a Raku function';
just needed a (completely straightforward zef install Inline::Perl5)
you may need a cheeky brew install cpanminus 19:33
to get the cpan perl5 module you want
nemokosch again, I have never used it myself, I can just clearly recall that people came struggling to get something done that clearly did work in Perl, and nobody could say anything 19:34
lizmat but that's the thing: people generally don't come complaining here because something just works 19:35
so your test set is skewed
librasteve especially on the beginner channel
nemokosch yes but the people who don't come can just help
and repeatedly there was nobody
and to be fair, the test set pretty much must be "skewed" because the more complex the original Perl setup, all the more reason to try to use Inline::Perl5 19:37
it's not really a feat to be able to use something that you could have written in Raku in the first place just as easily 19:38