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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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jsexplorerthefirst How do I experiment with js and jvm backends of rakudo? I am not scared of nqp, I just wish I could be pointed to 1. The correct repo with working examples and 2. The correct commands together with pre-requisite installs for a standard ubuntu installation. Can anyone advise please? I am always super confused by Perl/Raku/NQP/Rakudo/Perl6 nomenclature 18:00
lizmat has no personal experience with JS and JVM backends 18:10
however re nomenclature: I think you can remove "Perl6" from that for sure, and maybe "Perl" as well :-) 18:11
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nemokosch Where did the message go... 18:20
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antononcube @tanto_grs Try to get Jupyter extensions installed in VSCode, and try “Jupyter:;Kernel”. 19:33
Assuming, you talking about using VSCode for/with Raku. 19:34
tanto_grs The Jupiter::Kernel? Realy? I will try it 20:06
thowe if I want to run the ping command, and get the results, should I use run or shell? 20:09
lizmat is ping a shell command or an executable? 20:10
if executable, then run
thowe it is it's own executable... Thanks! I want to see if I can do some Raku (and Cro?) tools to create data for Prometheus to scrape. 20:12
I think most of them out there are written in Go. 20:13
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snonux should be possible, as the scraping API used by Prometheus is plain text. But there is no official library available to instrumenting your Raku program. 20:18
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thowe Yeah, I wasn't sure how I was going to go about it... One thought was to just dump the text file to a location that prometheus can get it via http, but the problem with that is error handling. I think it would be better to have a Cro service that can give proper error codes if something goes wrong. 20:38
I should probably study one of the simpler Go utils to see what it does. 20:39
tanto_grs Thx, i will Show and try and i will BE write you an answer :-) 20:41
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antononcube Here is a demo : . (And a self-promotion.) 21:20
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