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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
_elcaro_ I think the "Regexes" page covers most syntax you're likely to see 00:10
yeah, I see several mentions of <{code}>
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librasteve yeah - just like the perlre doc page in the old days, I keep handy (but I wonder why the Fundamental topics like this are so low down on 08:57
nemokosch it's in alphabetic order 09:02
librasteve on the desktop page there are two columns: 09:04
nemokosch it's essentially one column cut into half 09:06
librasteve the left column is (i) at the beginning (4 items) (ii) migration guides (~10 items), (iii) Tutorials (~20 items), (v) Fundamental Topics (~30 items)
the right column is (i) General reference (~10 items) and (ii) Experimental features (1 item) 09:07
so ~64 items on the left and 11 on the right is not exactly cut in half
and the result is that the item in question Regex topic is about 50 items down on the left 09:08
nemokosch I don't know how it shows up for you; for me it's roughly the same amount on both sides 09:09
"fundamental topics" being cut right under "functions" 09:10
librasteve oh I made the mistake of using safari 09:11
nemokosch this is how all live versions appear, from the production site to finanalyst's preview
librasteve much better with chrome
i'll raise as an issue on docs then 09:12
tx! 09:16
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